Sprint Wall

If you’re a developer and are a fan of both Agile software development and neat visual, drag-and-drop task management tools like Trello and want that type of functionality on the platform, then look no further. This open source project (built for my former employer can be dropped into your org and customised to fit your process (with a bit of development here and there). It’s a good example of just how powerful the platform is!

Here are a quick set of slides I put together at the time explaining the background of the project and how it was built:

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And here’s a video of the sprint wall in action. Note that there’s no commentary as it was recorded for a presentation over which I’d be speaking (and I’d only have shown it if the internet was down – gotta plan for the worst). Feel free to sing along:

Now if you’re interested in trying it out, take a look over at the GitHub page