JBS for Windows Beta Program

Welcome to the John’s Background Switcher for Windows beta program! This is a chance to test the next version of JBS before it’s released and let me know of any bugs or problems you find so that other people won’t.

Each time a new beta version is released you’ll find yourself back at this page and you can download the latest installer below:

(Version – 39MB)

Any problems or questions, just send an email to support@johnsadventures.com and mention you’re running a beta version.

Release Notes

    • Fixed Dropbox being unable to work with non-ASCII folder and file names
    • Fixed the folder selector dialog only showing your desktop if you had OneDrive syncing enabled
    • Fixed montages being broken when using local photos
    • Fixed a crash when defining a no-draw zone on a disconnected monitor
    • Fixed a long time crash when the application data folder is locked
    • No longer caching RSS image feeds (like webcams) so they’re always refreshed
    • Fixed the help file links to setting up scheduled tasks being broken
    • You can now set the lock screen in Windows 10/11 – look at ‘More Settings’
    • You’re no longer restricted to just a few Wallhaven sets
    • Fixed the installer silently rebooting your Windows 10 machine
    • Added webp and HEIC image format support – it should just magically work, but means the installer is somewhat larger than before
    • Added Pexels photos integration
    • Added a Ukrainian translation
    • Made font sizes consistent between standard and high DPI displays (you may need to adjust your montage and calendar font sizes)
    • Fixed Shift+OK not working when you’ve told JBS to wait a period of time before switching after a restart
    • Fixed a crash when you’re running on a very high DPI monitor
    • Now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 to be installed
    • Updated the installer to the latest version