John’s Background Switcher Pinterest Integration Testing

John’s Background Switcher is a Mac and Windows app that changes your desktop background periodically to pictures from a variety of web-based sources (as well as local pictures) that you configure. It can create single pictures or montages and gives you the option to go to the image sources (so that could be a Flickr photo, Facebook photo, local picture, etc.). It doesn’t transmit any data back to me and only caches pictures locally for a period of time for performance reasons.

I’ve added Pinterest integration to the Mac version first (as it has a smaller user base I can expose it to first) so you’ll need a Mac to test it out. The idea is you authenticate with Pinterest and that gives JBS read access to your account so you can choose from your Pins, Pins you’ve liked, your Boards or Boards you follow. JBS will then use the pictures associated with the Pins for your desktop background and when you choose to view one it’ll take you to the Pin in a browser. It’s strictly read-only so there’s no functionality to create Pins, follow people, etc. Full information about JBS is available here:

To test the functionality you’ll first need to download the installer:

Then the license (which when you run JBS it’ll ask you for – it’s valid for 30 days):

You’ll then be presented with a welcome window and once dismissed you’ll be able to specify where you want to get your pictures from. Click the ‘+’ button in the bottom left of the ‘Picture Sets’ tab and choose ‘Pinterest Pins’, you’ll then be asked to log in to Pinterest (it’ll launch a separate web browser, just drag JBS out of the way). You’ll then be asked to copy the authentication code back to JBS and once you have you’ll be able to choose which pins to use. Once you’ve OKd that then when you close the preferences window JBS will start to switch (once it’s finished initialising).

Pinterest Sets Screenshot

You can control JBS from a menu at the top-right of the menu bar and that’s about it.

Status Menu

You can create montages (which will use multiple pictures) from the ‘Switching’ tab of the preferences window.

Note that I’m an indie developer rather than a software company and while the Windows version of JBS is free I charge a nominal fee for the Mac version to cover the costs of the developer tools and what not only. JBS is something I do for fun and not for profit and Pinterest integration is something many JBS users have requested so it’s to benefit them rather than myself personally (I’m not really a Pinterest user, although my wife is!). In other words I have no interest in any nefarious uses of your API, advertising, harvesting user data, spamming, etc. So if I’m doing anything amiss or you have any concerns about the functionality, etc, I’ll be happy to make whatever changes you require to get it to work.