John’s Background Switcher 5.6 Release Notes

Version 5.6 of John’s Background Switcher includes a few security tweaks, a few quality of life improvements and a bunch of annoying bug fixes.

(Version 5.6 – 29.9MB)

Features and Changes:

  • Add photos from 2, 5 and 10 years ago to Google Photos
  • Added the options to filter Unsplash photo searches by colour
  • Added the ability to choose SmugMug albums by folders rather than showing one massive list of all albums
  • Tweaked the collage montage mode to cut less landscape photos into portraits and vice versa
  • Now storing Google Photos access tokens in Windows Credential Locker
  • Dropbox photos will now use the file name as the photo title if you display it
  • If any of the support libraries JBS uses are damaged JBS will tell you and not start

Bug Fixes:

  • If you chose a montage mode and one picture across all desktops, it’ll now use the full desktop for the background
  • Changing the font size saved the font with the wrong units which messed up line spacing, now fixed
  • If you entered an invalid Flickr user name and saved, it would choose from all photos for everyone, now it stops you
  • The default photo sets no longer adds a set of all my Flickr photos, only my British landscapes album
  • When only showing a wallpaper on one monitor you could get ghost lines on the blank one, not any more
  • Removed the embedded authentication browser from OneDrive and in favour of opening your default web browser