John’s Background Switcher 5.5 Release Notes

Version 5.5 of John’s Background Switcher brings a bunch of improvements to high DPI displays, adds back in setting the logon screen (after too many years), adds support for webp and HEIC photos and includes Pexels photos integration. Oh and few other fixes and features detailed below.

Features and Changes:

  • Added Pexels photos integration
  • You can now set the lock screen in Windows 10/11 – look at ‘More Settings’
  • Now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 to be installed (which it should be)
  • Added webp and HEIC image format support – it should just magically work, but means the installer is somewhat larger than before
  • Made font sizes consistent between standard and high DPI displays (you may need to adjust your montage and calendar font sizes)
  • You’re no longer restricted to just a few Wallhaven sets
  • Added a Ukrainian translation
  • Updated the installer to the latest version of NSIS

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Dropbox being unable to work with non-ASCII folder and file names
  • Fixed the folder selector dialog only showing your desktop if you had OneDrive syncing enabled
  • Fixed montages being broken when using local photos
  • Fixed a crash when defining a no-draw zone on a disconnected monitor
  • Fixed a long time crash when the application data folder is locked
  • No longer caching RSS image feeds (like webcams) so they’re always refreshed
  • Fixed the help file links to setting up scheduled tasks being broken
  • Fixed the installer silently rebooting your Windows 10 machine
  • Fixed Shift+OK not working when you’ve told JBS to wait a period of time before switching after a restart
  • Fixed a crash when you’re running on a very high DPI monitor