John’s Background Switcher 5.3 Release Notes

Version 5.3 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows contains a bunch of new features (yay!) and a few bug fixes that I really should have fixed long ago (better late than never eh?).

Features and Changes:

  • Added support for Unsplash users collections and liked photos
  • Added Wallhaven as a photo source (about time too!)
  • Added gallery support to Flickr
  • Four picture montages now use much larger pictures for improved photo quality
  • You can now edit No Draw Zones
  • Removed Instagram as Facebook switched off the old API and the new one requires a verified business to use
  • Added the option to choose from folders and sub-folders in OneDrive and Dropbox
  • You can now sort Flickr photos by relevance
  • Folders are sorted alphabetically in the settings window
  • Added the option to buy a license for JBS – just as a way to support it, there’s no license-only functionality
  • Removed top artists from as it was broken
  • Added Google Photos favourites to the selection
  • For Hungarian users the shortcuts are disabled by default as they often conflict with other apps

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the settings file being locked and failing to save, thereby wiping out your settings on reboot
  • Only checking for ‘programs to stop switching for’ when actually about to switch
  • Full sized Flickr photos are now correctly rotated
  • Fixed some broken Reddit feeds
  • Fixed a crash on some high resolution machines when bringing up the settings window