John’s Background Switcher 5.2 Release Notes

Version 5.2 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows contains a couple of bug fixes but one is a crash that, if you’ve experienced JBS crashing on you over the past few months, will have been this one. So I figured I should roll it out as soon as possible rather than waiting and putting it in a future version. Definitely install this update!

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash when attempting to access the settings and they’re locked, possibly by JBS
    FIXED: This tricky-to-diagnose bug, which caused most crashes in JBS for the past few versions, has finally been fixed. Yay!
  • Random crash when no monitor is detected, usually on a remote desktop connection
    FIXED: Fixed a crash buried deep in .NET when there is no monitor detected
  • When JBS hits the Google Photos API daily limit it made you re-authenticate with Google
    FIXED: When JBS hit the Google Photos API quota for the day it would no longer think it was authenticated with Google. Now it remembers.
  • Change the way JBS interacts with Google Photos to stop it actually hitting the daily quota limits
    FIXED: I’ve implemented more fine grained caching to JBS depending on what your display options are to stop it making quite as many API calls to Google. This should (hopefully) stop JBS Google Photos integration from failing towards the end of the day. Fingers crossed!