John’s Background Switcher 5.1 Release Notes

Version 5.1 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows brings a few bug fixes following on from version 5.0. Nothing too major, just making sure JBS runs more smoothly!

Features and Changes:

  • 13405: Add support for Ultra HD Wallpapers
    FEATURE: You can now add RSS feeds from Ultra HD Wallpapers to JBS. Give it a try, there are loads of superb photos to choose from!
  • 13685: Update the Unsplash icon to use the new one
    CHANGED: JBS now uses the newly redesigned Unsplash icon. Yay!
  • 13335: Update Unsplash to remove the deprecated API methods
    CHANGED: Removed the deprecated Unsplash API endpoints which includes the curated options unfortunately.
  • 13704: Change Google Photos integration to use a separate browser for authentication
    CHANGED: If you used device two factor authentication (rather than a code) then it wouldn’t work when authenticating JBS with Google Photos. Now that authentication is done via a separate browser window this problem will be resolved.

Bug Fixes:

  • 13743: Tumblr feeds are broken again in the European Union
    FIXED: Don’t panic, Tumblr feeds in the EU are working again – yay!
  • 13738: SmugMug isn’t choosing from all photos in an album
    FIXED: JBS was only getting a maximum of 200 photos from any SmugMug album and now chooses from all photos in an album.
  • 13692: Artstation feeds often include emojis when it shouldn’t
    FIXED: Now JBS will skip smilies when contained within an Artstation feed.
  • 13673: When JBS hits the Google Photos rate limit it was trying again and so wasting an API call
    FIXED: If JBS hit the Google Photos rate limit then it would do the equivalent of a hissy fit and make one more petulant call to Google’s API. Now it’ll just quieten down like a good boy.