John’s Background Switcher 4.7 Release Notes

Version 4.7 of John’s Background Switcher contains a few cool new features including 500px, Pixabay, and Tumblr feed integration along with the option to make snapshots scrapbooks overlap a whole lot more. It also contains a few high value bug fixes and performance improvements. It is also now available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Japanese. The release notes follow and a more entertaining write up with pictures can be found here.

Features and Changes

6392: Add support to JBS

FEATURE: tracks the music you listen to and so you can use the song and album artwork for your desktop. Best used with one of the montage or mosaic modes as the artwork is pretty small.

7746: Add support for 500px

FEATURE: John’s Background Switcher now supports 500px – which in case you didn’t know is the best, highest quality photo sharing site out there. Expect your desktop to look even more awesome than before!

8285: Add support for Pixabay photos

FEATURE: You can now choose to use Pixabay photos on your desktop. Pixabay is a great source of stunning public domain images, free for use (as well as for your desktop background).

8345: Add support for tumblr RSS feeds

FEATURE: There are loads of awesome photo blogs out there that are hosted by tumblr and now you can copy an RSS feed from any tumblr blog (there’s usually a link on the side) into JBS and you’re all set. There are over 100 million blogs on tumblr so I’m sure you can find some to use with JBS for your desktop!

8358: Add the option to make the postcard and polaroid pile photos overlap more

FEATURE: The polaroid and postcard piles in JBS are pretty cool – like you’ve thrown a bunch of photos onto a table. However some like things a little more overcrowded so now you can go to the ‘Montages’ section of ‘More Settings’ and change the ‘Spacing between snapshots’ slider to a negative value (to make them overlap more) or a positive one (to spread them further apart). It’s your call!

7748: Remove the Webshots web integration from JBS

CHANGED: Webshots have killed off their web integration so I’ve had to remove it from the current version of JBS. So long and thanks for all the memories.

8205: Use the latest version of the Vladstudio API

CHANGED: There’s a new v3 of the Vladstudio API so JBS has been tweaked to use that new version. Yay!

8319: Add translations back into JBS

FEATURE: JBS now includes translations into French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian. Yay for internationalisation!

Bug Fixes

8226: Private Google+ album links weren’t recognised by JBS

FIXED: Since Google move Picasa web albums to Google+ they changed the private shared URLs such that JBS could not recognise them. This has now been corrected.

7538: Crash when running JBS for the first time and your application data folders are corrupt

FIXED: If you run JBS for the first time and your application data folders are corrupt or inaccessible JBS would simply crash. Now it gracefully tells you of the problem and exits.

7747: Sudden ‘the value for int32 was too big or too small’ error when using Smugmug

FIXED: Smugmug appears to have made a change to their API and sometimes not return the picture size when JBS asks for it. JBS wasn’t expecting this so that gave rise to the error. This has now been fixed.

8355: On Windows 8 with multiple monitors, sometimes the backgrounds are the wrong way round

FIXED: Windows 8 changed the way multiple monitor wallpapers are laid out from earlier versions so unless the ‘Work around multiple monitors being shown in the wrong order’ option was selected, they’d sometimes appear the wrong way round. This has now been corrected.

8360: When Facebook access is revoked, you can still add and change Facebook sets but JBS doesn’t ask you to authenticate again

FIXED: If you revoked permission for JBS to access Facebook then tried to add or edit a picture set in the settings dialog then JBS would let you but not prompt you to authenticate again. Now it checks whenever you edit or add a set and if you’re not authenticated it prompts you.

8369: Sometimes Google image search would appear to return no results to JBS

FIXED: Sometimes JBS would give you an error that it couldn’t find any pictures when you use Google image searches. This was due to hitting a query per second limit on Google’s API. Now JBS throttles calls to Google so it will query slightly more slowly, but won’t fall foul of the limit and you won’t get empty search results.