John’s Background Switcher 4.6 Release Notes

Version 4.6 of John’s Background Switcher is a minor release with one cool feature – Instagram functionality. Note that to speed up the release process version 4.6 is available in English only. A subsequent update will include translations to all the other languages supported in previous versions.

Features and Changes

7389: Add instagram integration to JBS

FEATURE: You can now choose photos from Instagram. Photo sets you can see include your own, the people you follow, interesting pictures from everybody and specific tags. The first time you add an Instagram set you’ll be prompted to log into Instagram. Note that you can revoke access any time you like. For best results use one of the montage modes (like postcard or polaroid pile) and enjoy!

7388: Remove Bing image search functionality from JBS (it’s no longer free)

CHANGED: Unfortunately Microsoft has removed the free version of the Bing API JBS used to get pictures from Bing image search. Since JBS is freeware I can’t afford to pay for all the people out there to use it so have been forced to remove Bing entirely. Sorry about that!

7394: Remove the login screen functionality for Windows 8

CHANGED: Since Windows 8 uses a different method to set the logon screen I’ve removed the option from JBS for the time being on Windows 8 and will implement it in a future version.