John’s Background Switcher 4.5 Release Notes

Version 4.5 of John’s Background Switcher contains mainly bug fixes and minor changes – notably that Flickr has changed its authentication model. It also includes translations to Hebrew and simplified Chinese. Full details are below.

New Features

6466: Add Hebrew translation to JBS

FEATURE: If you have a Hebrew version of Windows then JBS will now appear in Hebrew. Yes!

6967: Add simplified Chinese translation to JBS (zh-CN)

FEATURE: JBS is now available in Chinese (simplified) in addition to Chinese (traditional) if you’re running on a Chinese (simplified) version of Windows. Yay!

6464: Add the option to choose the snapshot background from a folder of pictures

FEATURE: In addition to being able to choose a specific picture to use for snapshot scrapbook backgrounds you can now also pick a specific folder to use.

3632: Implement ‘send to twitter’

FEATURE: There’s now a ‘Send to twitter’ tray menu option so you can now tweet about one of the pictures on your screen. It’ll create a tweet with the title and link to the picture and you can edit from there.

Changes / Bug Fixes

7081: Fix the fact that the JBS update checking is broken

FIXED: When moving web hosts I accidentally broke the JBS update checking mechanism – it checks an XML file on my server to see if a newer version is available, this is no longer possible on my new host. Instead it checks a different URL in a location I can control. Oops!

6898: Remove categories from Vladstudio integration

CHANGED: Vladstudio no longer uses categories to, eh, categorise pictures and uses only keywords instead. To follow suit JBS now only lets you choose keywords when picking Vladstudio pictures!

6767: Change Flickr to use OAuth authentication as the old way has been deprecated

CHANGED: Flickr has changed its authentication mechanism so JBS has followed suit to use the new approach. The only change is that when you authorise JBS with Flickr you’ll see a simplified process of authentication. If you’ve already authenticated with Flickr prior to upgrading nothing will change at all.

6870: Encrypt the SmugMug password in the settings file for secure settings export / import

CHANGED: SmugMug passwords were stored in the JBS settings file in plain text. This was not a security problem since only you have access to that file, but if you export your settings and send them around then you were sending that password around in plain text. Now it’s encrypted to match any other passwords stored in the settings file.

6861: Remove Yahoo! Image Search from JBS as Yahoo! have deprecated it

CHANGED: Yahoo! Image Search has now been completely removed from JBS as the service has been closed by Yahoo!.

6288: Allow non-admins to install JBS on Windows XP and below

CHANGED: Changes to the installer in 4.4 prevented non-administrators from installing JBS on Windows XP and below when it wasn’t necessary. Now you have a choice, although it is recommended you install as an administrator.

Note that Vista and above will still require a UAC elevation as before.

6291: Crash when JBS is either about to switch or had just switched

FIXED: There was a thread-safety bug which would cause JBS to randomly crash when changing the tray icon as it changed its state (from switching to busy, etc). This has now been corrected.

7017: ‘No draw zones’ don’t appear when you choose a specific colour for borders for the first time

FIXED: The first time you chose a specific colour for picture borders from the ‘Picture Handling’ section of ‘More Settings’ JBS would choose a colour that rendered the ‘no draw zones’ transparent – making them not appear. Now black is used as a default instead.

6258: Windows 7 logon screen images above 246KB in size aren’t used (the limit is 246 not 256KB)

FIXED: JBS incorrectly limited the maximum size of Windows 7 logon screens to 256KB when it should have kept them below 246KB. This means that on odd occasions the logon screen would revert to the default one. This has now been corrected.

6743: The Picasa images JBS downloads are suddenly low resolution

FIXED: Google made a change to Picasa web albums that meant JBS was no longer using large versions of photos for your background. This has now been corrected so JBS will use the original sized pictures if available.

6287: Custom font sizes not being saved correctly when a comma is used instead of a decimal point

FIXED: If your currently local used a comma instead of a dot for the decimal point i.e. 26,25 instead of 26.25 then JBS would get confused when saving a font size with a decimal point in it. This has now been corrected.

6369: Picasa web album private links stopped working

FIXED: Google made a minor change to the Picasa web album shared URLs that meant JBS could no longer read them. To make sure this doesn’t happen in the future JBS is now much smarter about parsing the URLs!

5432: When choosing from photos taken by your Facebook friends it was identified as ‘Random photos of my friends’

FIXED: Now photos taken by your Facebook friends will be labelled as ‘All my friends photos’ which should remove the confusion.

6292: If multiple existing Win7 logon screens are present at different sizes they can override the one JBS sets

FIXED: JBS always sizes the Windows 7 logon screen to exactly fit the primary monitor resolution, however if other sizes are present (such as if your PC manufacturer had overridden the logon screen) then JBS wouldn’t always be able to set your logon screen. This has now been corrected and the old logon screens are cleared out.