John’s Background Switcher 4.3 Release Notes

Some John’s Background Switcher users were kind enough to translate JBS into Polish, Slovenian and Chinese (Traditional) so JBS version 4.3 contains those translations. Additionally I’ve fixed a few minor bugs and rewritten the code that talks to Facebook as they’ve changed their authentication mechanism – existing users will notice no difference but new users will be able to authenticate in an even simpler way than before. The full release notes follow:

5323: Add Slovenian, Polish and Chinese (Traditional) translations to JBS
FEATURE: JBS now supports the additional languages of Polish, Slovenian and Chinese (Traditional). Thanks Konrad, Žiga and Bryan! 🙂

5320: Update the Facebook integration to use their new, more secure, authentication mechanism
CHANGED: Facebook recently introduced a new permission system to their platform to counter complaints about privacy and so forth so JBS now uses that new mechanism.

5354: Revert the JBS behaviour of ignoring pictures whose parent (or their parent) folders are hidden to not ignore them again
CHANGED: In JBS 4.2 I made a change such that if you were choosing from pictures on your local machine and a picture was in a hidden folder, or its parent folder was hidden (and so on) then it would be ignored. It turned out that a lot of people inadvertently hide folders without meaning to and so would be surprised when JBS complained that it couldn’t find any pictures. Now I’ve turned this setting off so all pictures will be selectable. However you can switch it on again by looking for the ‘check_if_parent_folders_are_hidden’ value in the settings file (which you can export, edit in notepad and re-import again).

5364: Switch the shortcut keys off for Polish machines
CHANGED: Polish machines use keys that clash with the default JBS shortcuts so by default if you install JBS on a Polish version of Windows for the first time, the shortcut keys in JBS will be disabled by default. You can enable them in the ‘More Settings’ dialog.

5131: Smugmug pictures in a gallery with the ‘External links’ option set to ‘No’ can’t be loaded by JBS
FIXED: It’s now possible to prevent sites from hotlinking your Smugmug pictures. If you turned this option on for a gallery then JBS would no longer be able to select pictures from it for your desktop. This has now been fixed.

5172: The next two month calendar headers are shown in English rather than the local language
FIXED: If you opted to show calendars of the current month and next two on your background and were using a localised version of JBS (say Dutch) then you’d notice the header on the later two calendars would be in English. This has now been corrected.

5306: The ‘never show again’ list should be in alphabetical order
FIXED: Now that they’re in alphabetical order pictures and folders should be easier to find!

5132: Vladstudio doesn’t support portrait images – so stop asking for them
FIXED: Vladstudio only has landscape orientated images so if you had a portrait-orientated monitor and told JBS to match your monitor orientation then JBS would ask Vladstudio for a portrait picture to match. Now it only asks for landscapes.

5171: Vladstudio picture sets are reset to ‘all wallpapers’ when JBS is restarted
FIXED: If you saved a Vladstudio wallpaper set that consisted of specific categories or keywords, then if you exited JBS and restarted, they would be set back to showing all wallpapers. This has now been corrected.

5355: The popup notifier dialog title can sometimes overlap the message, particularly in Japanese
FIXED: This problem has been in since the beginning so props to Asabukuro (who translated JBS into Japanese) for spotting it!