John’s Background Switcher 4.2.1 Release Notes

Hot on the heels of the John’s Background Switcher 4.2 release I discovered a couple of bugs that managed to slip through the net that were well worth fixing.

5109: Crash caused by a bug in .NET when the time zone changes
FIXED: If you happened to change your timezone (or the time on your machine) at an inopportune moment then JBS could crash. Strictly speaking this is a bug in the underlying Microsoft code JBS uses but I’m not bitter! So this crash is fixed, however it means that if you change your timezone then JBS won’t realise until you exit and restart it.

5120: The crash handling fails when the report is too long or a crash happens during initialisation
FIXED: The crash handler JBS used to report issues back to me (so I can fix them) wasn’t starting early enough so several potential crashes wouldn’t be handled and reported. Additionally, crash reports contain anonymous call stacks so that I can figure out what happened, but if they were too long then they’d fail to be uploaded to my server. This has now been fixed.