John’s Background Switcher 4.17 Release Notes

Version 4.17 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows removes 500px and Facebook integration (both sites no longer allow apps like JBS to use their API) but does add the much requested Unsplash and OneDrive (personal) as photo sources – yay! It also contains a Swedish translation and several bug fixes and minor tweaks.

Features and Changes:

13307: Add OneDrive (personal) support

FEATURE: You can now use your OneDrive cloud storage folders as a photo source for JBS. Yay!

13282: Add Unsplash integration

FEATURE: You can now choose photos from the awesome photography site Unsplash. You can either choose from curated photos, the newest, most popular or specific user’s photos as well as from search queries. One thing’s for sure – you’ll always get amazing photos!

13273: Add support for artstation feeds

FEATURE: The RSS feed functionality now supports ArtStation feeds.

13050: Add the option to filter out adult photos from Pixabay

FEATURE: You can now choose to filter out adult photos from Pixabay searches. Handy in an office environment!

13326: Add the option to put the picture information in any corner of the screen

FEATURE: You can now choose which corner of the screen to show the picture information on. No more having it stuck at the top-right all the time! Of course you can switch it off entirely from ‘More Settings’.

13281: Add a Swedish translation

FEATURE: JBS is now available in Swedish. Thanks Sopor! 🙂

13297: The Facebook API no longer allows non-business apps like JBS to query for users photos

CHANGED: Facebook now require apps that request photo access to be a verified business and since I’m just a guy called John Conners I’m not that. So I’ve had to remove Facebook from JBS. Sorry about that!

13285: Remove 500px as they’re switching the API off

CHANGED: Unfortunately 500px have switched off their API so apps like JBS are no longer able to use them as a photo source. It was fun while it lasted.

13304: Update the SmugMug API to the latest version

CHANGED: SmugMug is about to switch off the old API JBS uses so I’ve updated the integration to use the latest version. Unfortunately for the time being that means JBS doesn’t support site or album passwords. Next, instead of login details for each photo set you’ll need to authenticate JBS with SmugMug once and then be able to choose from your photos or any other user’s public photos and albums. Just open a SmugMug set or click the the ‘Authorise’ on the settings dialog, then SmugMug to continue.

Bug Fixes:

13208: Divide by zero error when using a large collage size

FIXED: Corrected a photo collage “divide by zero” error when using large collage sizes on a small screen.

13300: The folder switcher applies orientation checking to all photos (so montage pictures) which it shouldn’t do

FIXED: If you chose local pictures, a montage mode like postcard pile and opted to only show landscape pictures for full screen photos JBS would filter portraits out of the montage. This was not the intended behaviour was at odds with other sources. Now it behaves like the rest to be consistent!

13247: Pixabay URLs return a 404 page

FIXED: When you went to view a Pixabay photo you’d get a 404 error page. Now you’ll go to the actual photo page.

12986: Attempting to send a picture via email results in an error

FIXED: This problem has now been fixed. Email away!