John’s Background Switcher 4.15 Release Notes

Version 4.15 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows is all about removing things, updating Dropbox integration to use their new API (otherwise Dropbox would stop working) and letting you change the collage tile size.

Features and Changes:

12735: Add the option to change the collage tile size

FEATURE: You can now change the size of the photo collage tiles – just take a look at the ‘Montages’ section of ‘More Settings’. Since space is tight you’ll need to scroll down to change the sizes.

12419: Remove auto downloading of full sized pictures

CHANGED: While JBS has supported downloading and saving full-sized photos for many years, it turns out this behaviour is prohibited by some photo service API JBS uses so I’ve removed it. If you depended upon that functionality then you’ll have to use another app I’m afraid!

12564: Update Dropbox integration to use the v2 API

CHANGED: Dropbox has a new version of their API which JBS now supports. Unfortunately this means you’ll need to re-authenticate with Dropbox again as I’ve had to request a new API key from Dropbox to support the change.

12462: Explain the minimum size limitation in the help file

CHANGED: The help file wasn’t entirely clear on how the ‘only show pictures larger than x pixels’ feature worked. Now it is.

12731: Remove delicious from JBS

CHANGED: Since Pinboard has acquired delicious and it’s being killed off so has been removed from JBS.

12657: Remove Phanfare completely

CHANGED: Phanfare has migrated to SmugMug so has been removed from JBS completely.