John’s Background Switcher 4.14 Release Notes

Version 4.14 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows has one aim – to make the UI look nice on high resolution Windows 10 machines. On a 4K machine the menus, dialogs and what not looked terrible. No longer!

Features and Changes:

12393: Add support for the Bing picture of the day photo feed

FEATURE: You can now add the Bing photo of the day feed to the RSS feeds section. Or add this short link:

12394: Improve support for DeviantArt

FEATURE: You can now add the URL from a DeviantArt gallery or user directly as an RSS Feed to JBS to choose from the relevant public photos.

12397: Increase the maximum size for postcards as big monitors are all the rage these days

CHANGED: You can now choose postcard / polaroids up to 800 pixels in size from the ‘Montages’ section of ‘More Settings’. Sometimes big is best.

Bug Fixes:

12391: The JBS menu and dialogs took pretty terrible on 4K Windows 10 machines

FIXED: While it might seem simple it was in fact a bit of a nightmare to get the user interface to scale properly – however now it should look massively better!