John’s Background Switcher 4.13 Release Notes

Version 4.13 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows contains a few choice bug fixes and updates Instagram integration to follow changes to their API that only lets apps like JBS choose from your own photos.

Features and Changes:

12059: Remove all Instagram options except choosing from your own photos

CHANGED: Instagram no longer allows 3rd party applications to see your feed or search for photos – it will only allow access to your own photos, so JBS has to follow suit.

Bug Fixes:

12009: Random GDI+ errors in Windows 10 keep popping up

FIXED: Windows 10 has the option to sync your desktop between machines via OneDrive integration. This process would frequently lock the desktop image meaning JBS wouldn’t be able to change it (ironically) and result in the GDI+ error. In this case JBS tries again after a few seconds, hopefully long enough for Windows to sort itself out.

11811: Crash when adding a picture to a picture list when running in the Finnish language

FIXED: This problem has now been corrected.

12016: Sometimes 500px would return random photos unrelated to your selections

FIXED: As per the description, you’d choose one category but sometimes see photos from another. This has now been corrected.