John’s Background Switcher 4.11 Release Notes

Version 4.11 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows contains mainly bug fixes and removes Picasa Web Albums functionality as it was no longer functioning. On the plus side 500px can now use full sized photos meaning much better quality and is working again. So it’s not all bad.

Features and Changes:

11682: Update Pixabay integration as the API has changed

CHANGED: Pixabay made a couple of small changes to their API so now JBS incorporates them. Yay!

11109: Remove Picasa web albums integration as Google deprecated the authentication mechanism

CHANGED: When Google Photos was released by Google they deprecated the authentication mechanism JBS used to access Picasa Web Albums. I’ve removed Picasa integration entirely and aim to add full Google Photos integration at some point in the future.

Bug Fixes:

11776: Update 500px integration to use full sized photos

FIXED: Now that 500px allows 3rd party applications to use full sized pictures JBS will now use the largest 500px photos it can for your desktop.

11710: authentication and integration is broken!

FIXED: Changes to the API meant JBS no longer worked properly. This has now been corrected.

11164: GDI+ error or missing montage pictures on the desktop

FIXED: Corrected a random GDI+ error – although I’m sure that’s not the last I’ll hear of it!

11110: Crash when getting albums from SmugMug

FIXED: This problem has now been corrected.