John’s Background Switcher 4.10 Release Notes

Version 4.10 of John’s Background Switcher for Windows contains a few minor fixes including removing friend-related Facebook functionality that Facebook no longer allows, the removal of Google image search functionality (boo!) and translation of the UI into Portuguese-Brazilian and Polish.

Features and Changes:

10062: Add support for 500px RSS feeds

FEATURE: You can now add 500px RSS feeds like this to JBS to choose from specific people or searches on the 500px website.

10943: Remove friend-based Facebook selection

CHANGED: Unfortunately Facebook has changed their API so that apps like JBS won’t be able to show you photos from your friends (boo!). So I’ve had to remove all friend-related Facebook functionality from JBS. But I did it with a heavy heart. This means you can only choose from your own Facebook photos or photos you’re tagged in going forward.

10991: Add Portuguese-Brazilian and Polish translations to JBS

FEATURE: Thanks to some very generous JBS users there are now Portuguese-Brazilian and Polish translations included in JBS. Awesome! 🙂

10993: Remove Google image search functionality as it’s been deprecated by Google

CHANGED: The free Google image search API JBS used was deprecated by Google in 2011 and will shortly be switched off by Google entirely so has been removed from JBS sadly. The replacement service is paid for and since JBS is free software is not an option unfortunately. It was a good run while it lasted!

Bug Fixes:

10457: Put quotes around album IDs in Facebook queries

FIXED: For some users if you tried to select from a particular Facebook album JBS wouldn’t be able to retrieve any photos. This has now been corrected.

10536: Make sure photos taken upside down are correctly rotated

FIXED: If you took an inverted photo on an iPhone or iPad then JBS would show that picture upside down. This has now been corrected.

10342: “The response from Flickr does not appear to be valid” error from some Flickr searches

FIXED: Sometimes Flickr would return XML from their API with a line break at the top which confused JBS. This has now been corrected.