John’s Background Switcher 4.1 Release Notes

Version 4.1 of John’s Background Switcher is primarily a bug fix released built on top of Version 4.0. Additionally it adds a couple of features that I dropped in 4.0 and turned out to be more popular than I’d thought as well as French, German and Dutch translations of the user interface.

New Features

4327: Translate the user interface into French, German and Dutch
FEATURE: When you install JBS you can now choose to have the UI appear in French, German or Dutch. You’ll need to be running a localised version of Windows for the translation to appear, otherwise JBS will revert to English. Note that the help file will still appear in English (one step at a time).

4196: Add 2 minutes to the switching interval list
FEATURE: I’ve added 2 minutes to the interval list as I originally meant to but managed to forget somehow. D’Oh!

4182: Bring the ‘stretch’ picture mode back to the size options
FEATURE: Back by popular demand, you can now choose to ‘Stretch pictures to fit the screen’ from the ‘Picture mode’ drop-down list. This will stretch the picture to fit your screen(s) and not preserve the aspect ratio.

4456: Support RSS feeds
FEATURE: You can now add RSS feeds from pages and JBS will use the pictures included for your background.

Bug Fixes / Changes

4152: If you import settings the web connection settings aren’t imported
FIXED: If you exported the settings, then changed the web connection details and imported, then the new web connection details wouldn’t be successfully imported. This has now been fixed.

4324: The wrong item is edited when double-clicking the main list and multiple items are selected
FIXED: If you double-clicked an item in the settings dialog list view and had several other items selected then the first selected item on the list would be edited rather than the one that has the current focus. This has now been corrected.

4259: When ignoring a picture from Google image search, it’s the originating page that gets ignored
FIXED: Now if you never want to see a particular picture again then you will be able to see other pictures that appear on the same page as the offending picture. Basically it’ll work like it should have done in the first place! Note that some pictures you’ve previously ignored may show up again until you tell JBS to ignore them again.

4189: Use the date a picture was taken on or the creation date for local pictures
FIXED: JBS was displaying the last modified date for pictures on your machine. Now it shows the date it was taken or created (if the former isn’t available) as it should be.

4265: Bug when trying to match pictures to monitor orientation and there are only a couple to choose from
FIXED: When there are a low number of pictures to choose from and you’d opted to try and match pictures to the monitor orientation then things could get a bit screwy. This should be much less of a case now as pictures aren’t rejected so easily for each screen. If, however, you only have a few pictures and several monitors of different orientations then JBS will sometimes show the same picture on all monitors, but it’s that or nothing at all!

4244: JBS is picking up the wrong Flickr collection when using authorisation
FIXED: When using authorisation and choosing a collection from ‘My Flickr Photos’ JBS would pick up the wrong collection if you changed to choose from another one.

4225: The transition shifts the background on Vista if the taskbar is at the top or left of the screen
FIXED: This has now been corrected and the transition effect will no longer shift the background while it’s happening.

4429: Choosing from your newest Phanfare pictures doesn’t always get the newest ones
FIXED: If you used your email address and password to authenticate with Phanfare in JBS (rather than anonymously) then you wouldn’t always see your most recent photos. This has now been corrected.

4473: Google searches for large pictures (eg. 1920×1200) returned no results
FIXED: Now Google will return the results you’d expect.