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My 40th Birthday Photo Casebook


As has become a proud tradition I thought I’d celebrate my birthday with a new photo casebook announcing the availability of cakes on my desk at work. It’s becoming a bit of a thing.

It just so happens that today, August 5th 2014 is exactly 40 years since my birth. I never could have believed the technological advances we have today when I was a child growing up, nor the myriad ways we humans destroy our own planet and each other. I guess you could say the world 40 year old John Conners lives in is like the curate’s egg – good in parts. But it’s my birthday, so it’s time for a photo casebook. Enjoy!

My Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook

Most entertaining part of the shoot was my wife taking various shots of me with the face mask on forgetting that it wasn’t a prop, it was a real face mask and was slowly burning my skin away – hence my haste to get the shot! 🙂


My Birthday Baking Photo Casebook

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Today is my birthday – happy birthday to me! As has become tradition I’ve put together a photo casebook to announce the availability of baked goods to my lucky colleagues and this year was able to combine my three main passions:

  1. My dog Billy.
  2. My love of baking.
  3. My fondness for making myself look like even more of an idiot than I already am.

My Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook

Don’t worry, no Lhasa Apsos were harmed in the making of this photo casebook. And before you ask, it was icing sugar, definitely not cocaine!


Belated Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook


It’s been a long time since I put together one of my infamous photo casebooks but I figured I’d waited long enough. So despite trying to keep my birthday a secret from work they found out (damn you Facebook!) and as a result I needed to make the fact that I didn’t buy any cakes up to them…

Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook

As always, if you don’t happen to work with me then the next time you see me in the street, stop me and ask me for the birthday cake that is rightfully yours!

Interesting note: washing lipstick and mascara off is much harder than I’d have guessed.


Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook


I though it was time for another photo casebook, so here you go:

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to my desk to get a cake, next time you see me get me to buy you one. But you’d better like it! [Editor’s note: my good lady actually had to buy hair rollers because she didn’t have any and I wanted her to have that downtrodden wife look!]. Oh, and happy birthday Anne (whose birthday it actually is today)!