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Cornwall July 2013


In what seems to be turning into an annual tradition we took the dog to Watergate Bay in Cornwall for a week of beach running, eating and lazing around. Warning – there are a lot of photos of my dog that follow!

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  1. Hi John. Your photographs are quite good. I visited the website to find an answer to a question and noticed you have a bunch of albums posted. Don’t know if you are interested, but I belong to a forum in the UK called Cambridge in Colour I find it interesting and helpful to occasionally post photos and receive critiques. Not sayin’ you need a critique as your images are wonderful. Just letting you know about it, if were not aware.


  2. Hey,cute pooch,we too love cornwall been loadsa times still not seen it all,if your goin there again check out vals chippie in par its the best most scrummy fish n chips weve ever had!!!!!!!
    Very Best Wishes,Nobby.


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