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Belated Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook


It’s been a long time since I put together one of my infamous photo casebooks but I figured I’d waited long enough. So despite trying to keep my birthday a secret from work they found out (damn you Facebook!) and as a result I needed to make the fact that I didn’t buy any cakes up to them…

Birthday Cakes Photo Casebook

As always, if you don’t happen to work with me then the next time you see me in the street, stop me and ask me for the birthday cake that is rightfully yours!

Interesting note: washing lipstick and mascara off is much harder than I’d have guessed.

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  1. If you really had birthday: Here are my gratulations! Happy birthday, John! 🙂

    (And I’m not the person who told obama about this…) LOL
    By the way: With wich kind of software you created this nice comic?


    (…and sorry for my worse english, I come from germany.)


  2. I’ll file this with your hand-luggage reviews.

    Bring my cake to football, I’ll eat it on the bench.


  3. Brilliant comic layout, funny story. Yes make-up is very hard to get off, spread it around John so that less men complain how long we women spend in the bath room sometimes lol. Thanks



  4. An old visitor of your blog John…This post was pretty hilarious ! 🙂

    BTW.. Wish you a happy belated birthday !


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