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A Rest Is As Good As A Rest


The last couple of years has been an absolute whirlwind – mainly in terms of work. Jumping out of the fire into another fire (still looking for that frying pan) meant I’ve barely had time to relax, put my feet up, work on my own software projects, chill out and forget about the pressures of work. So I took a couple of weeks holiday and, going against tradition, decided not to do anything. No foreign travel. No road trips. No plans. No agenda. Just not working and taking each day as it comes.

A Self Portrait Relaxing In The Garden

I reckon I’m getting the hang of it. I should do this more often. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Nice πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the summer…
    We’re having a heatwave that’s killing me up here in Canuckistan.


  2. We’ve been using your Background Switcher since Windows Vista days. Like its display of metadata but dislike its shuffling images. [I want our pictures from Thailand diplayed in sequence, not shuffled with picture from Australia or Argentina trips. Windows 8 Preview displays metadata, but I doubt we’ll leave Windows 7, which does not.
    Is there a simple way to to disable random shuffling in JBS?
    Thank you for any advice, and many many thanks for creating JBS!


    • I’m afraid the whole point of JBS is to pick random images from multiple picture sources. Having a specific picture order only makes sense for locally source pictures and not those from Flickr or Facebook for example. JBS used to let you pick the order for local pictures but it just ended up being too confusing so now all picture sources behave the same way to make it consistent. Drop me an email if you’d like a copy of the last version to support specific picture ordering and I’ll send it your way.


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