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Growing Our Own Veg – Year Two

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After our successes growing our own veg last year we decided this time to take it to another level. We bought a greenhouse and created a few more raised beds so that we could grow strawberries, salad (too many types to list), cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes, sweetcorn, peas, mange tout, carrots, onions, beetroots, raspberries, potatoes and probably some more things I can’t remember right now. Basically, moving our growing operations up a step! And if you’ve got any veg growing tips then let me know!

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  1. Before you start digging, I would advise you to cut down the weeds as this makes the digging easier. I have made that mistake at least twice. I wouls start with garlic which can be planted in the next month and will be ready for May/June. Potatoes are good for opening up the soil. Nasturtiums and marigold are good companion plants. Lettuces are relatively low maintainance as they are too bitter for slugs to eat. Another good thing to do is to attract ladybirds b4 the winter as they are great for next year. Start a compost bin as well. Enjoy!


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