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My Annual Camping Trip To Pendleton


I mentioned last year (wow, is it a year already?!) that some friends and I meet up and camp in a field in the small Lancashire village of Pendleton every year, have a barbecue and hit the town of Clitheroe for a drunken night out. We always have a great time and I continue to be surprised how nice Clitheroe is for a night out. It’s the sort of place you see people from 18-75 having a drink in the same place and always has a nice atmosphere.

As you can see we actually had sunshine this time. Over the past couple of years it’s generally been cold, cloudy and inevitably rainy (i.e. a typical British Summer) so the sun was a pleasant surprise.

Sunshine In Pendleton

Last year we were blown away when we attended a karaoke night that seemed to be filled with very talented professional singers making our efforts look even more lame than usual. This year there was a beer festival in one of the pubs so we spent most of the evening there sampling the guest ales before moving along to a couple of other venues. Before I knew it we were getting taxis back to our field in the middle of nowhere and seeking out our tents. Time flies when you’re having fun!

We had a couple of guys with those fancy tents that you take out of the bag, put on the ground and as if by magic pop up and you have a tent ready to use. You don’t even need to put your drink out to do it. They look pretty cool and while I know my tent can handle anything a British Summer (or Winter) can throw at it, it’d be nice if it only took 5 seconds to assemble. However these pop tents do have a downside which I recorded a video of – they take an age to put back in the bag!

They got there in the end but I think I’ll stick with my tent for the time being!

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  1. That’s not like you John – I would have expected the video to be speeded up to comic speed with a Peach Cobbler soundtrack!


    • Heh heh, I did speed it up at first but then I sounded like I was on helium so stuck with realtime! Although Peach Cobbler does make an appearance (I love that tune)!


  2. Havent spoken to you in years John but youve certainly lost most of your scottish accent!

    How that tent didnt snap i dont know!


  3. I loved the video (though the beer tasting part seems to have been nice too, but, somehow, no video here :)).

    I have a dream: when, someday , I take the dust off my PhD in physics I will write the ultimate guide to chaos where the tent packing part will be one of the illustrations, together with me packing the plastic Christmas tree (the bag gets bigger every year).


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