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A Road Trip From Skye To Torridon To Aviemore

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Following on from our weekend at Plockton my good lady and I continued our road trip to the wilds of Torridon in north west Scotland. To midge country and beyond!

Of course anybody who’s ever been camping in north west Scotland will have experienced for themselves how blood thirsty and incredibly annoying the local midges are. These are tiny insects that swarm, come out in the evening and love it when it’s wet and rainy. The interesting thing about them is that they fly in swarms and as soon as they smell a human they attack en masse, all land on you and all will bite you. It’s like death from a thousand needle pricks! Fortunately Avon Skin So Soft stops them from biting you (as used by the Royal Marines) although it doesn’t stop them from landing on you.

Anyway, we spent a few days camping in Torridon before moving over to Aviemore before heading south. As you’d expect we took quite a few photos too and covered 1200 miles in total!

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  1. Loch Garten is beautiful. I went there as a child and never forgot it. You’ve got some great pictures. I too love 911s, and the red phone box is cool. I’m ashamed to say that when I went we slept in a caravan and not a tent. But it was still a great holiday.


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