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Something I Should Have Said Long Ago


Relationships are hard. You’ve got to work at them to keep them fresh and alive and I have to admit, over the past few years I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain.

We’ve been together years now – in some ways it feels like days, in some it feels like decades. We got off to a great start – we were at it several times a week, there was always a smile on my face. I’d spend my days thinking about what we’d do together and my evenings and weekends doing it. The best part was the way we shared our passion with my friends, having them along and joining in made for even more fun – we’d all sit in the pub afterwards enthusiastically discussing what we’d just done and how we could go at it harder and faster next time. We went all over the country, exploring every nook and cranny together and it always felt so natural, so free, so perfect. We soared to such heights that I never thought the happy times could end.

But over the last couple of years we’ve barely spent any time together. I can’t remember the last time I got my leg over, can’t even remember what it feels like. I’ve said I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I’ve got a headache, the weather’s too miserable, my friends are away and it won’t be the same with just the two of us, it’s not you, it’s me – but they’ve just been excuses and deep down I feel I’ve let us both down. All through this you’ve composed yourself with dignity and never once complained. You’ve just sat there impassively with eternal patience, waiting for me to make the first move. For me to re-ignite the passion and fire. To pick up where we left off. To get all dirty and sweaty together just like we used to. To roll back the clock and the years.

Every time I look at you I feel pangs of guilt and regret. I know I’ve not treated you right and you deserve better than me. But we’re together for life and I’m going to make it right – you can’t just break the commitment we made. I promise this Summer will be a new era for us. The sun will be shining and we’ll be at it like we used to. I’m a bit older now so probably won’t be able to keep up the pace and frequency I did in my 20s but damnit I’ll do my best to bring back the magic! We’ll take risks together, feel the rush of adrenaline, we’ll meet others with the same obsession as us and it’ll be like this barren spell never happened. We’ll move on and it’ll be better than it ever was before. Like I said, you have to work at relationships and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m going to dust you down, clean you up, give you a good servicing, get my shorts on and take you for a ride. I’m going to treat you like you should be treated – and this time it’s going to last, I’m not going to quit on you.

My Good Lady And Rachael

And here she is, my beloved Marin Wolf Ridge mountain bike as shown by my lovely wife Rachael. I can’t believe I’ve left her gathering dust in the garage for so long (the bike, Rachael gets to live in the house). Roll on Summer! 🙂

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  1. Weak hook, no one (really no one) writes such melancholic wacky stuff seriously. 😉


    • Ha ha, of course they do, there are some strange people out there! And it’s all from the heart, I really do feel guilty about neglecting my mountain bike for so long! 🙂


  2. Dammit John!

    You had my eyes welling up with tears until I saw the picture of the bike.


    You really sucked me in this time.



    • Hee hee, sorry about that Neil! I thought the line about getting my friends to join in might have given the hint that all was not as it seemed! 😉


  3. Caught me too. Could hear Jean’s laughter in the background.
    Well done, Dad X.


  4. Sounds like my bike, but at least my mountain bike (3 years unused) has the company of my road bike (4 months unused)

    Reminds me, need to get both serviced and back in use.


    • Yeah, I didn’t want to mention my road bike which is around a year unused, also gathering dust. It’s bad enough thinking about the neglect my mountain bike’s had to suffer without my road bike too! This is what getting into your 30s does to you I guess – although I don’t have the excuse of kids (yet)!


  5. So why is my relationship so loving? Is it because I took so long to carefully select my partner from amongst all the more glamorous competition. Or perhaps because we frequently travel to exotic locations, climb to the highest heights and admire the views together. As my partner you know that you will always be in my memories, and that I will not forsake you for a younger model. Parts of my partners frame maybe a little fatter than newer models, and my partner never had a brain. But if you are looking for an exciting and long lasting relationship, I would suggest you find someone who is Specialized as a Stumpjumper and has M4 in the blood.

    PS If you really want to amp up the excitement in your relationship, try some fun at night time, darkness really adds a whole new perspective, without that much extra risk, despite what some guys might say.


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