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Gardening Milestone – Our Veg Starts To Grow


Our plan to grow our own veg is starting to gain some momentum and we spent the day cutting trees, sorting out our veg plots and various other exciting gardening tasks which I felt compelled to document. 🙂

It turns out that the BBC has decided to copy us with their Dig In campaign to encourage people to grow their own veg and I for one take it as a compliment that they were so impressed by my time lapse video that they launched this nationwide initiative. 😉

Anyway, our smaller veg plot has some raspberries, spinach and lettuce growing and you can see from the pictures below that they’re doing well. Some way off providing us with a meal but at least they’re growing in the soil we got (the latter two were sown from seed so the hours Rachael pored over which soil to get was well worth it).

The larger veg plot (the one in the video) has some carrots that we’ve just transferred from growing in our kitchen and we’ve planted some onions too. We’ve still got leeks and some other veg we’ll put in but it’s not time yet (apparently). As if that range of veg isn’t enough we’re also growing potatoes in bags (you roll them up and add more soil as they grow through and eventually you have more potatoes than you know what to do with), more strawberries (having been such a success last year) sweet peas, rhubarb and probably more that I can’t think of right now. I think it’s fair to say we’re hedging our bets and trying lots of different things to see what works and what doesn’t.

I never thought I’d actually enjoy gardening but strangely it’s quite compelling, although it does require patience to say the least! Anyway, I took some pictures to show the various things we’re doing so have a look below – they’re a bit more interesting than your average gardening magazine photos I think!

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  1. I just found your blog and loved it – especially the time lapse photography – everyone should have a few of these to cheer them up in the winter. I have been gardening for years but there is always something new and, like you, this is the first year for me seriously trying to grow vegetables. My raised beds are cobbled together from old boards from a summer house that fell apart. Can’t wait to see your results – will these be on time lapse too?


    • Heh heh, thanks! Time lapse over a day is one thing (I just set up my camera on a tripod and leave it to it) but to do a timelapse over a period of weeks or months (like the BBC Nature programmes do with ease) is a much more tricky undertaking. I’ll see what I can do! 🙂


  2. Yes what a compliment to be copied by the Beeb, keep up the good work. Also the Beeb one is a great initiative too, get more and more of us growing our own.

    We recently finished our new veggie plot, fenced it off from our dogs inquisitive nose and her doings from the other end. It’s really coming on, leaks, beans, potatoes, onions and more to come …



  3. Watch out JC, it’s a slippery slope. You’ll have an allotment before you know it…


    • Heh heh, well if we get to grips with the plots we’ve got then next year an allotment might have to be the next logical step! Buying a house with a large garden sounds a bit expensive for my liking!


  4. I don’t know John, a hairdressers car, growing lettuce, growing old, you will soon be like that dude on Rita Sue n Bob Too who is busy watering his lawn whilst the shenanigins are going on in the close – come on man, pull yourself together and get another sherry down you 🙂


    • Ha ha, don’t tell me I swapped one hairdresser’s car (my Clio) for another (my RX-8) – it’s a sports car! I’ll take your advice on the sherry though… 😉


  5. Don’t let them intimidate you – when the organic veg is piling up and Sainsbury’s is launching an investigation into how you are so successful, they will all be wanting their own allotment.
    I have put your video on my site so you are now officially famous in Cheshire.


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