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Night Photography, Flash Guns And Too Much Of Me!


My good friend (and highly talented photographer) Ade and I went out the other evening in Leeds for a night photography shoot. He was mostly practising using multiple flash guns and I was mostly looking very camp!

I really did try and look menacing, or moody, or smouldering, or angry, or aggressive on each shot but for some reason every single one came out somewhere between mildly camp and super-gay! I guess I’m just not cut out for the modelling business, aside from being too old and not good looking enough I clearly have no ability to act in front of the camera! 😉

Anyway, try to ignore the model (they’re almost all of me) and instead look at the lighting effects which I’ll try to explain in each shot…

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  1. Whenever you do one of these Conners photo sessions, I always sit here thinking of Cheesy CD labels to put on them…

    John Conners “It only takes a minute…”

    JC “Turn it down…”

    Jay Cee “You know you need me…”

    You get the drift. In fact I think I nicked one of you and your good lady where I even put some titles on the picture. 🙂


    • Ha ha ha! I know what you mean. I often think I should do a project and create a bunch of cheesy CD covers just to see what ridiculous things I can come up with!


  2. Yeah… your CD labels are very cheesy but i do like the lighting and flash and the modle isnt too bad…(just kidding) 🙂
    like the photos a lot.
    thx for the info.


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