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Some Photos Of My Brother And I From The 70’s


When I was last in Scotland I borrowed some 35mm slides from my dad and finally got a scanner to bring them into the 21st century. Here are some of my brother from the late 70’s that’ll make you laugh!

My dad often tells me that I spent a lot of my childhood whizzing around the place on a toy car and from this representative selection of photos I think he’s right! It’s so strange looking at pictures of myself and my brother and see that really we haven’t changed all that much. The baby ones of my brother particularly so as he had his cheeky grin right from birth!

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Creator of John's Background Switcher. Scotsman, footballer, photographer, dog owner, risk taker, heart breaker, nice guy. Some of those are lies.

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  1. Great shots!!! I really love looking at old photos 🙂 so glad you put these up


  2. I just wish I had a time machine and could go back and meet the little kid version of myself! I keep looking out in these photos for my adult self hidden in the background doing just that! No sightings so far.


  3. I put photos up on flickr of me a few weeks back, its strange because you have all these shots and remember parts but not everything


  4. When i was alittle kid,we were so poor that I could not even take any photos.These photos remind me of my childhood


  5. John, it was cool to find out about your site and the software for screen background (through Facebook)

    It’s really cool that you scanned old slides from the 70s. I was thinking of doing the same here, but my scanner apparently doensn’t scan slides.. How did you do it? What (else) is necessary to scan slides? I’d really appreciate your feedback on this.

    Thanks for the inspiring efforts!



  6. Hi Elio!

    Yeah, the trouble with scanning slides is that light has to shine through the slides from behind and a normal flatbed scanner only shines the light from below. However I bought an Epson Perfection V200 scanner:

    As well as being a normal scanner you can also get it to scan slides and it has a strip light that shines from above as well as the scanning light from below. It does negatives too which is another project I’ll be getting into!

    And you’re most welcome! 🙂


  7. John, those are great!

    Let us know how it goes with the negatives. I have some old B&W negatives from my college photography days that I want to scan. I tried scanning them with my scanner, but they look terrible even with all the settings maxed out!

    On another note, I finally got the gallery viewer working on my blog. I had some problems with my template, but I think I’ve got it working. I thinking about starting a new blog just for photography related stuff and I really look forward to using it.



  8. Thanks – I’ll keep you posted!

    Cool, glad you got the gallery viewer working – it’s a bit tricky as most themes are somewhat different – I’ll look foward to seeing it in action!


  9. This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands!!

    Of course I have already seen some of the original photos.
    What with climbing hills and subscribing to the family of Lefties website, what else have you been up to?
    You know what these left handers are like?




  10. you have not changed a bit !!!! as a left hander I had to reply. Life sounds great in Yorkshire, I knew you would do well, suddenly I feel very old.




    • Heh heh, thanks Stephen (resisting the urge to say “Mr Kelly” – old habits die hard!). Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I can’t believe how fast time flies, it must be 15 years since the Sandford, we’re getting old! 🙂


  11. yes John, you are indeed right the half century is fast approaching and with two adorable children getting into the teens year it is a bit more lively, full of energy and enthusiasm and both going to be architects?? so I might be in the money yet. Yes it is still Mr kelly in Aberdeenshire Council anyway, but hey that is not by choice, as you say old habits die hard,I see change as a constant, the council is still in the 70s, I prefer plain old Steve or Stevo as the mrs says or indeed Stephen. Glad you are doing well and that brother of yours send him my best wishes



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