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John’s Background Switcher 3.4 Released!


Following quite a lot of late nights and a fair bit of work I’m ready to unleash a new version of John’s Background Switcher on the world! This latest version contains a host of bug fixes along with some cool new features. My favourites include:

  • Facebook mode – your friends photos on your desktop!
  • Customisable montage options like ‘Postcard’ mode.
  • User-settable picture sizes in montage modes.
  • Auto border colour selection based on the colour of the picture.
  • Portrait-only picture selection in addition to landscape-only.
  • The settings are shown if you re-launch JBS from a shortcut.
  • The calendar can be shown on all screens, not just the primary one.
  • Choose photos from all photo sources instead of just one.
  • The fixing of the mysterious GDI+ error once and for all!

Since a picture paints a thousand words I’ve put together some screenshots that show what’s new in John’s Background Switcher 3.4. Click a picture to see the description and click on it again to go to the next one. When you’ve done, go and download the latest version:

The download page is here. Enjoy!

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  1. Ahh saw this on Lifehacker, and when i hit the download link it gives me the dreaded error screen “not found” is something up to the site and if there is could there maybe be some alternative links….


  2. Hi Sentry. Nothing wrong at my end so far as I can tell. You should just be able to go here and click the download link… Did you wait for the page to finish downloading before you clicked the download link?


  3. This doesn’t work on a Mac right? I have an iMac G5 and I would like to use this software. Seems like a great program. To let you know I read about it in the NY Times.


  4. Hi, I’m afraid it’s Windows-only at the moment. I’m planning on writing a Mac version but it’s dependant (as always) on my getting some free time to do it! Since I’m an avid Mac user myself I’ve got that incentive to make the time…


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