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The South Pennine Challenge 2008


I spent most of yesterday doing a 25 mile hike around Yorkshire with a couple of friends in beautiful cold and rainy conditions. It never ceases to amaze me how much distance you can cover on foot when you put your mind to it – and I didn’t even get a single blister!

The route started at a place called Mytholmroyd (which even people who live 10 miles from the place tend not to have heard of) and wound its way around the hills in the area. It finished up at a place called Todmorden a few miles away (it’s a roundabout route). However for the select crazy few there was actually a circular 50 mile route that carried on where our walk ended and finished up back at the start point. Now 25 miles in a day is a bit of a push but is doable without much training, however spending over 20 hours walking across moorland, a portion of that in the dark with the inevitable cold driving rain sounded like a bit too much for my liking!

And besides, I’d been invited over by some friends for dinner on the evening so I had to get back home. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! 😉

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  1. I just love your photos. My husband and I were planning to take a trip to the UK for our honeymoon a couple years ago but ended up going to Disney World instead. 😛

    To me, exploring the English country-side holds many more opportunities for romance. So, I’m planning our second honeymoon. When would you recommend is the best month to visit and the best places to see?


  2. Well as a Scotsman I’d tend to recommend the north-west of Scotland around the Isle of Skye and surrounding region. The only drawback is it could quite easily rain for your entire stay! Second to that would be the Lake District in England – mountains, lakes, lovely places to eat and stay – you couldn’t do much better!


  3. Thanks for the great advice, John! I’ve heard many wonderful things about the beauty of Scotland. Also, England holds a special place in my heart, being an English lit. major and all – so can’t miss the Lake District, that’s for sure. June or July, eh? Well, I’d better start planning soon if I plan to make this year! I’ve got some vacation time in July. Just need to see if it’s feasible. And if not, well, there’s always next year! 🙂


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