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Ray Mears vs Bear Grylls – The Showdown


I’ve always been fascinated with survival skills. From an early age I’ve loved the outdoors and the thought of having to survive on my wits and whatever natural resources are available. I’ve got a copy of the SAS Survival Handbook, I’ve spent many a night camping in the wilds of Scotland, can light a fire in a variety of different ways and reckon I’d do pretty well if I found myself in stuck in the middle of nowhere and had to survive (it’s not really optional to be fair). But if I could choose someone to be stuck with to increase our collective chance of survival and not turn it into an ordeal, then who would I want with me?

The way I see it, there are two choices. Ray Mears or Bear Grylls:

Ray Mears and Bear Grylls

Both of these gentlemen have popular TV series that show you how to survive in the wilds of far flung corners of the world. They show you how to navigate without a compass, how to find food where none seems available, how to light a fire, where to get fresh water, how to build a shelter and survive the night and pretty much all you need to know. The difference between them however is in the delivery style. These guys are polar opposites.

The Men

Ray Mears is a mellow, laid back sort of a guy. He’s from the south of England and grew up exploring the countryside where he learned an appreciation of his surroundings and wildlife. He’s a worldwide expert in bush-craft having spent most of his life learning his craft, has travelled the globe and even runs his own school where you too can learn from his vast experience. His programmes are always interesting and filled with the stories of the people whose skills he demonstrates and are always set to a relaxed and easy tone.

Bear Grylls on the other hand is a former soldier who spent 3 years serving with the SAS. He’s an expert climber and sky diver and has partaken in a string of extreme sports. Following a free fall accident when in the army he broke his back in 3 places and spent a long time recovering fearing he may never walk or climb again. However at the tender age of only 23 he became the youngest person to successfully climb Mount Everest. He’s been on numerous expeditions pushing the limits of human endurance and has starred in several TV shows pitting him against survival situations. I’m assured by my good lady that he’s a rather good looking guy too!

The TV Programmes

One of Ray Mears shows is quite relaxing to watch. The music in the background will tend to be of the chilled out acoustic guitar variety. He’ll find himself out in the woods somewhere, or the outback or some similar absolutely-miles-from-anywhere situation. He’ll take a bit of time to show you some of the local plant life, what you can eat and what you can put in soup. He’ll spend a while making a shelter – but it’ll be so well put together that it would look like a home from home. He’ll show you a neat way to start a fire then he’ll head out and get dinner.

To give an example from a recent show he caught a salmon. He then showed you how to fillet it, got some wood and made a smoking stand, spread the salmon meat out over it then rested it above the fire – slow fade out with acoustic guitar music. Fade back in to show Ray taking the cooked fish out from the fire – music fades out. He took a bite out of the salmon and clearly it was delicious. So delicious that he passed some to the camera man to eat. He then relaxed in his shelter, put his feet up and the camera panned around to show the beautiful scenery while he told a story of some survivors who’d been stuck there in years gone by. You’d give anything to swap places with him.

Bear Grylls takes a different approach in his shows. Firstly, he’ll be on a helicopter or a plane explaining that he was about to show you what it’s like to be a tourist stuck in some remote part of Mexico (for example). He’ll jump out out of the helicopter / plane and sky dive his way to the ground. From then on he’ll be going flat out in an adrenaline packed hour that’ll leave you exhausted just watching! It’s all about getting out as soon as possible and doing anything to survive. If he’s high up he’ll try to find the most direct way down (usually a cliff) and scramble his way down. There’s a huge waterfall? No problem – he’ll just leap off the top! Feeling hungry and need some energy? He’ll eat anything! From camel testicles to live scorpions (quite crunchy and taste like rotten cheese apparently) to various grubs he’ll describe as “like a small packet of puss”. You never see him enjoying a meal – he’s usually trying not to vomit.

In one memorable episode Bear actually caught himself a trout (that’s a very tasty freshwater fish). Now trout are delicious but rather than do the Ray Mears thing of cooking it he simply gutted it, washed it in the river and started eating it raw there and then. There ain’t no time to cook! Stuck on the wrong side of a Siberian river? Easy, just strip off, throw your kit over and dive in! Bear’s shows are great and you know that if you were in a tight situation with him, even including hostile people around trying to kill you, it’d be a safe bet he’d get you out alive. But after watching an episode my brother said he’d “hate to be the camera crew” because it would be completely knackering trying to keep up – he’s a machine!

Who To Choose?

So in a choice of which one of these guys you’d be stuck with, I guess it comes down to what sort of experience you want. With Ray you know there wouldn’t be any rush. You’d be chilled, calm and relaxed. You’d have plenty of time to watch sunsets, think about life and learn a thing or two about the world around you and how to survive in it. Even though there wouldn’t be any music, you’d swear that someone in the background was twanging an acoustic guitar…

But find yourself in a survival situation with Bear and prepare to be tested to the limits! The only time you get to lie down and rest is if you’re dead! You wouldn’t have time to think as you’d be battling to keep up with Bear as he bounds up a cliff face or a tree or over a river. At least you won’t have time to miss home or wonder how you found yourself in this mess – you’ll be completely single minded about getting out of there. While one version of yourself in style on gourmet cooked food with Ray Mears, the other is scraping the bark off a tree looking for grubs to eat or wrestling a stag to the ground to make it’s fur into a hang-glider. (Note: when it comes to wrestling stags, you’re probably best leaving Mr Grylls to that one).

So I think it comes down to a relaxing holiday or a flat out race-against-the-clock-once-in-a-lifetime endurance event. I’m still not sure so I’m thinking…

The TV Series Pitch (to be read in a husky voice)

Two men. Both expert survivors. Both at home in any environment, friendly or hostile. Both with the same equipment. Both with the same goal – stay alive and get home. Each will have a camera crew to track their progress. Watch the split-screen action and press your red button to go interactive and choose different camera angles, see action-replays of life-or-death situations and vote for your winner. Who will get out first? Who will lose the most weight? Whose clothes will be the most tattered and mud stained?

So how about it BBC? Does the show get commissioned? Come on – if you don’t do it, Discovery or somebody else will! Since I came up with the idea I’ll want Executive Producer credits…

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  1. Dave, Ray Mears has done many programmes other than ‘Ray Mears Bushcraft’ and has indeed had several series of survival shows in which he has no luxuries like a Land Rover, camping gear and other equipment.

    Bushcraft by definition is living with or without modern kit off what the land has to offer and whether it be in a survival situation or otherwise. Ray Mears does it and so does Bear Grylls, just in different styles. Hence the comparison.


  2. “Calm in a crisis – ray” ha! are you kidding?! Bear Grylls served with the S.A.S! Ray Mears has had no experience similar.

    They’re both awesome, but if it came to a test of survival in many different environments Bear would win. And he’d also beat the shit out of Ray with one hand. hehe


  3. Mears has been doing Judo for 28 years and he whoops a huge ass mongolian wrestler in one episode he would probably be better protection than bear. Ray Mears looks like a slower approach because that is what is actually intelligent to do in a survival situation.
    Bear Grylls is all fake, type BearWiki on google and you can find all his bullshit out.

    Ray Mears all the way.


  4. Well, Bear Grylls doesn’t dive into deadly bogs for fun. Sometimes you get into the worst case scenario and need to know how to get out alive. Bear has that knowledge and is simply sharing that with the rest of us. Real life survival isn’t a “lets go see nature” trip. it is scary and intense, and you must do whatever it takes to survive. Thus, i would definitely choose Bear.


    • Well that’s one way to look at it Kyle, as something to endure that’s frightening and potentially very dangerous. Or you can revel in the experience and make the most of it. Attitude is what it’s all about in a survival situation and the more energy you waste from being tense and stressed the worse your situation will tend to be. Each to their own I guess!


  5. I was a partner in the South African Combat school for many years and taught this kind of stuff. It’s not as o.t.t. as Bear, real life is much more Ray Mears.No contest. Once you get past the hype Mears is the real deal.


  6. Just want to point out that Bear Grylls is just like Ray Mears in the fact he likes his laid back moments. For example he always seems to enjoy a good tea, build pretty comfortable shelters.
    If you were to survive in the wilderness for a while in the same area i would choose Ray Mears, he makes it more homely. Whereas if you had to get out fast, Bear Grylls would win!!

    After all he was taught by the SAS and they have to get out quick!



  7. I love survival just like you guy’s and I think Ray -v- Bear is not a fair fight, so to speak. The real object of survival is to endure an event that has placed you at risk, plane crash, lost, broken vehicle etc and as comfortably as possible make your way back to civilisation. Having the skill and knowledge give you hope and boosts your chances. Ray would no doubt agree. But to survive in the military especially a special forces unit requires a counter intuitive outlook, as to survive in the enemies back yard without being spotted is completely difference as staying alive is now a million times harder, survival to these guys is just as easy as breathing. I am no expert but I like to read and do a bit when I can.

    I’ll tell you what though what I thought I knew was nothing until is found a site where you can buy loads of info. I’ve been buying a CD/DVD once every few weeks (about £7 each) and picking out what interests me which is mainly survival, but the site has sniper skills, unarmed combat, first aid, map reading everything and it looks like the site is run by ex-SAS and I think Eddie Stone is involved too. I bought one disk SF procedures & fighting skills and it had about 5,700 files in it, the best thing is that you always find something new and it makes looking through much more enjoyable than reading a book.

    Anyway need to get my head down before I drop… link is if that don’t work it might be dot com, can’t remember..and I think that http bits in the right order? I just click on ‘SAS skills’ in my favourites. Has anyone else got any good sources of info like this site?




  8. On the subject of Bear versus Ray, there is another key point that no one has hitherto addressed. Namely, to what extent do these two men have “off-camera” help on their shows? (What, you didn’t really think they did it all and knew every plant in every environment around the world by themselves?) Of the two, I think it is fairly obvious that Bear is the more dependent on his “behind the scenes” “off camera” support crew. Indeed, if you pay attention to the credits at the end of his show, you’ll notice it actually lists survival consultants—presumably hired to teach Bear about the local environment. Hence, I think Ray is the superior woodsman of the two. He also has more experience (he is older after all). But there is no doubt Bear is entertaining, and a daredevil. But that is not really good traits for survival—in fact, its that kind of behaviour that often causes a person to wind up in a survival situation. Anyway, that is just my two cents. But heck, it would be priceless to see these two guys go head to head in some sort of reality TV show.


  9. Bear Grylls rules im afraid. Ray Mears is fat and boring, he talks about other peoples horrible experiences and plays flashbacks were as Bear Grylls actualy shows you in the situations and how to get out. Ray Mears doesn’t do everything himself he gets other experinced people to help him. For instance a canoe made from a tree. Bear Grylls on the other hand may have a camera crew but thats it.!!!!!! BEAR GRYLLS 1-0 Ray Mears


  10. BEAR WINS HANDS DOWN. hes more versatile, better looking and has more class


  11. Judging the two men on relative merits, I believe Ray Mears is a true believer, an authentic encyclopedia of survival skills. His motivations appear pure, and his intimate appreciation of nature and culture are evident.

    Bear feels like a showman, approaches wilderness in an adversarial frame of mind. …a military-esque slash and burn approach that would be as likely to create a dangerous situation as resolve one.

    I also suspect that about 15 days into the proposed head-to-head television program, Bear would turn up missing and Mears would be wiping his chin.


  12. bear grylls is a conartist he has’nt a clue how to survive he spends his “nights in the wilderness” in hotels and he has been caught several times. so there is’nt a choice in who is best between the two because there is only one man who knows what he is doing ray mears.


  13. Bear grylls is a fake and keeps on finding random things in the middle of nowhere like canoes miieewww


  14. Bear Grylls has a completely different way of surviving, and seems to be similar to the “Escape and Evasion” fase of SAS selection.
    And i am fairly certain Bear Grylls is well aware of the fact that there are more similar “survival shows” on television, hence his different approach.

    Someone interviewing Bear asked: “Why not use a leaf as a cup and boil the water” Bear Grylls replied: “There is no time for all that”

    Remember that what they both do is create “Shows” and they are here to either teach you some basic skills of survival, and/or entertain you when you are safely at home out of harms way.


  15. I thought it would be interesting to read some fun facts about bear grylls the survival expert courtesy of wikipedia enjoy!

    Man vs. Wild / Born Survivor has been criticized for fabricating some of the situations Grylls finds himself in. In 2006 it was revealed that Born Survivor misled viewers into believing that Grylls was stranded in the wild alone when he was not and Channel 4 suspended the show for a few weeks.[28]

    The issue of scenes being manipulated was raised by Mark Weinert, a U.S. survival consultant. He told the UK’s Sunday Times that Grylls spent nights in a motel in Hawaii when he was claiming to be stranded on a desert island. Mr Weinert also alleged that a raft was put together by team members before being taken apart so Grylls could be filmed building it.[29]

    * Grylls was shown trying to ride “wild” horses that were in fact tame, and had been hired from a trekking station nearby.
    * A scene where Grylls was purported to have escaped from an active volcano by leaping across lava, avoiding poisonous sulphur dioxide gas, was actually created with special effects, using hot coal and smoke machines.
    * Similarly, it was revealed that Grylls stayed at a crew base-camp in the Costa Rican jungle, while giving viewers the impression that he was alone.
    * There have been several other incidents, including the impression Grylls built a raft “in a matter of hours with no tools”. According to an adviser on the show, the raft was actually in part built by a stunt consultant.
    * This episode implied it was filmed on a small South Pacific island, which Channel 4 admitted was actually a peninsula in Hawaii, the scene of Hollywood movie shoots.

    These incidents were confirmed by Channel 4, who argued that it was not a documentary, but a “how-to” guide to survival, implying that staged scenes were acceptable in that context.[30][31][32][33]

    Discovery and Channel 4 aired re-edited episodes, removing elements that were too planned, with a fresh voice-over and a preceding announcement pointing out that some situations are “presented to Bear to show the viewer how to survive”.

    Survivalist Ray Mears has labelled Grylls a “boy scout” (a somewhat ironic comment given that Grylls was later appointed to the role of Chief Scout of the UK), and a “showman” who uses TV trickery on his programme Born Survivor,[18] although it was pointed out by some that these accusations were timed to coincide with the start of one of Mears’ shows on BBC2.


  16. Also note that you will be unable to find any criticisms about Ray Mears on wikipedia the largest information website


  17. I vote for Bear, i love adrenalyne and action, ther is no time to rest!
    I prefer to kill an Alligator than a Salmon.


  18. I must say for me Bear Grylls is just miles more amazing then Ray Mears, i usually fall asleep whilst watching Ray Mears and im not even joking, but the thing that anoys me is that he has tents and cars and people helping him, he even treats himself to a beer, that is well not survival, where as with Bear you would be certain you could survive near enough anything


  19. I have also just read up a little bit and everyone seems to critise Bear Grylls for Faking stuff and praising Ray Mears, i must say too this is that i have not seen Ray Mears ever put his life in danger because im sure if he did he would do the same thing as Bear Grylls and what you do have to think is that Bear Grylls has a wife and 3 kids why put your life in serious serious danger and risk it just for a TV show, he does show that he could survive if he had too and he has proved that by his 3 years in the SAS, im sure there he didnt check into fancy hotels and messed around with effects and stuff.


  20. I suppose you think that wrestling and action movies are real if you honestly believe that bear grylls risks his life in his “survival” show. He’s as ray mears put it a boy scout and a show man. and for surviving 24 hours in wilderness the human body can survive 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. so that’s why im not so impressed by bear gryll’s feat’s also i have never seen bear grylls hunt or kill any thing bigger than a bug and i find it intereting to see that he manages to stumble upon freshly killed animal’s where ever he goes. bottom line is born survival is nothing more than a bad soap. FACT


  21. I hear that Mr Grylls has been installed as Chief Scout in the UK. The only reason I can think of is that someone responsible for marketing within the UK scouting movement has decided that he would be a good role model for youngsters, and that he would be more likely to attract boys and girls to the movement by virtue of his Gung-Ho raw flesh eating escapades on TV.
    Where as what is actually taught in the movement is more along the lines of what Ray Mears stands for. I suppose it makes sense… get all the Bear wannabees and then teach them how to behave like Ray.
    I hope they suceed.


    • “…get all the Bear wannabees and then teach them how to behave like Ray…”

      Fantastic comment! I agree!


  22. les stroud : hey!!! hey !!! does anyone hear me?… …oh man …. i am the one who always film my own show!!! come on!


  23. Ray or Bear…for they approach the view of survival from different sides and no I do not mean the way they were brought up…

    Bear Grylls trained with the SAS and if you look at his progs very closely you’ll see that his approach to survival is from his Army/SAS training…these people are taught about eating RAW food and about getting out of difficulties (whatever they may be!).

    Ray, however, approaches his progs in a way that he feels is the way to promote his craft to all and sundry…Ray has eaten the odd bug raw on his progs…but Ray attempts to show a more step by step on setting up camp, surveying the area for edibles, and placing himself into the surroundings…whereas Bear shows what he does himself, Ray has had other experts in various bushcraft fields working with him and giving advice!

    Ray Mears is your real down to earth Scout Master and I do not state that as a case of spite against Bear Grylls with him being called as ‘Chief Scout’ and the fact that Ray hasn’t may be more a grudge from Ray to Bear…

    Since all of the hype surrounding Bear’s stay in hotels/motels etc; a more real survival approach has come in the form of Les Stroud the Survivorman from Canada…he films 99% of his progs by himself, he directs, produces, edits, did the music and goes out and survives in many different habitats for 7 days…no film crew with him, just a few items like a Multi-tool, a few matches, possibly a bottle of water and thats it…no other equipment, no sleeping bag, no tarpaulins, no sharing of food caught with anyone…

    So at present I would have to say that Les Stroud just might be ahead of Ray and Bear…


  24. i’ve been doing alot of reading on this subject.

    It is clear that Ray Mear’s shows are more educational and more appropriate in telling your how to survive in the wild.
    But then again Bear’s shows are more for your entertainment rather than actually trying to tell you or show you how to survive in the wild.

    Bear has been critisized a lot for his show’s as people claim he is a fraud or a phony for staying at a hotel or other places of equal accomadation. This is because he is making a show and also has a camera team which also has to keep up with him non-stop. Im sure if he really was in the wild alone he could survive.

    I guess if your looking for entertainment which makes your heart thump than your going to choose Bear but if you looking for a more serious and enlightening show which will genuinely help you than Mears is your man.

    my personal vote: Ray Mears


  25. If we go back to the original question:

    “…if I could choose someone to be stuck with to increase our collective chance of survival and not turn it into an ordeal, then who would I want with me?”

    In a survival situation, the key is surely to save energy, find food and shelter, and, well, survive. Bear Grylls seems to go out of his way to make survival difficult and dangerous, and at the same time, require huge amounts of engery.

    Ray Mears, on the other hand, is all about making the experience as pleasurable as possible, appreciating your surroundings, and using as little energy as possible, whilst at all times, remaining safe.

    If I wanted an adventure, and could cope with his egotistical personality, then I guess I’d go for Bear Grylls. But if I wanted to survive a potentially life threatening outdoor scenario? Ray Mears every time.


  26. I have to admit, if I were stuck in the wilderness, I’d be much happier if I were with ray Mears! Somehow, he seems a lot more likey to survive. Generally, the laid-back Mears survival is a lot more fathomable than Grylls’ lets-get-naked-and-swim-across-that-river survival. I thought the idea of survival was to conserve your energy and use what you had around you to get help/survive…not run around like a loon, possibly getting yourself more lost/hungry/wet/cold in the process.

    Re Bear Grylls becoming Chief Scout: I really don’t think it is a good idea! I seriously doubt that is the sort of thing Baden Powell had in mind when he set up the first camp on Brownsea Island.
    I think it is likely that there would be a fair few Scout/Explorer Leaders driven mad by youngsters who want to imitate Bear Grylls and go diving off waterfalls etc. Think of the health and safety!

    Ray Mears all the way!


  27. I prefer Ray Mears myself. However, I personally fell that his comments were needlessly provocative. It should be obvious to most viewers that each of their respective shows cater to different tastes or demographics. Both of them are regular blokes who, at the end of the day, have to look at their work as a means of putting food on the table. Ray Mears’ style is established and few would accuse him of being a “showman”, true. I think one ought to consider that Grylls’ style is tailored to give a particular audience what it wants. He seems to be a perfectly nice guy and he does his family and viewers right. I may not appreciate his show but I can tell when a person is basically good.


  28. Nope, sorry – Ray all the way.

    It’s nothing personal, but I’d rather my survival expert didn’t jump in waterfalls and swollen rivers for the fun of it. Just not my idea of survival thats all!


  29. Ray Mears hands down. Bear is a good entertainer, but i believe Mears is a lot smarter and ‘knows what he’s talking about’. Ray Mears sort of reminds me of a more ‘dareful’ David Attenborough.


  30. Hi

    For me Ray Mears wins hands down. He doesn’t say I was in the special forces etc, do this to survive. He says this is what I love learn stuff with me that may help in survival situations. Explains how people and soldiers have survived in situations.

    Bear though entertaining if you tried doing some of the stuff he does in his shows you would get killed. Climbing down cliff faces sliding down 45% slopes on your ass, going down caves etc. He also says he was in the SAS all the time and plays on it. He was in the TA 21 SAS group. Which though tough is not what I would term as the real deal SAS soldier

    Regards staged stuff for Bear look at this site!
    Rumbled….Now a busy road and cars would be usefull in a survival situation!!!!

    As one of my fave survival experts said (chris ryan real ex sas) “if I had to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with somebody I’d be with Ray. He has meat on him which means he knows how to find food!”

    If I was to choose anybody I would prefer Chris Ryan to be honest. Check out “Hunting Chris Ryan” now this is hard stuff. Nearly killed himself filming it in freezing artic conditions. In one show he didn’t want to give himself up and admit defeat by using his radio in a major storm the production comany had to actually track him and pull him out only aided by his locator beacon which was used for the show to show is position on a map. As being ex SAS if they didn’t have this on him they would never find Him.

    But to be honest if I was in sh*t creak without a paddle situation I would take ANY help!!!



  31. Another bit of behind the scenes which spoils the Bear myth.

    Also his real name BTW is Edward! His sister called him eddie then teddy then teddy bear then to bear grylls.



  32. I like Ray Mears, but I was surprised to read his remarks about Bear. The latter is really a master (of entertaining people, to say the least), and if you enjoy watching him, be grateful and respectful for what he does. If not… well you always have a choice. By the way, Bear appears to be a bit wiser in that war of words, he even admits, that Ray is tougher (whether Grylls truly meant that or not).


    • I should point out I do actualy watch and like bear. I just didn’t like the early stuff where they made it seem like he was doing it all with minimum help. Now they show a slide at the start saying some things are staged and are more open. I’m happier!

      Remember that most of the choices made for the programme are the production companies not bear’s, I’m sure if asked to do these for real with minimum crew and help he would likely be up for it!



  33. The mjority of us go from our home to work every day and never think about our enviroment at all. We either work in cities,( and that’s an enviroment all by it’s self!)or we come from rural areas and the point is the same! Dustbin lorry blocking the road or tractor. 90% of us are thinking adout getting to work on time,or the kid’s to school, we see are enviromnent without looking or undrstanding it. A farmer has to go to work every day. He knows his land and what lives in it.Could he suvive without a tractor or a shotgun? yes he could. he knows where the birds roost,or where the deer run,the river’s with fish in them.
    Bear Grylls is a survivor of sort’s. quick in and quick out. Suvival!
    expert with guns,parachutes and climbing.He’s your man if you want to make a commando raid.
    However,Ray Mears know’s his enviroment, whichever that may be. his skill’s have developed through years of study and practical application,he cares for the enviroment and the people who live in it…., and can cook!
    For me there is no contest, it would be Ray Mears everytime. who want’s SAS bollocks.You want to survive, not survival.


  34. Man either one of these fellows has a good deal of information that you can learn from. Myself i would take Mr Mears as he’s the more calm and easiest to listen to. Mears has solemnity which i like. How about adding an Australian to the competition and kicking all their arses!!! there is no need for Smufti killin aSASsins in decent safe countries, though if you were to say enter columbia or any part of the sand box countries like africa or middle east then take Grylls.

    Randall 18 is my American express card


  35. John you should create a poll to show once and for all that Mears is the only 1


  36. Ray Mears shows you how to thrive in the wilderness. Bear Grylls shows you how to get yourself killed, and rather quickly too most of the time. There is also the fact that Ray Mears is actually where he says he is, while Bear is usually in a hotel after the cameras are off. A good measure of how bad a survival show’s host is how many times they throw up on camera. Throwing up is not a good thing to do in a survival situation and knowing how to eat wild foods without throwing up or worse is a good skill to have.


  37. i dont see how any of u can knock bear grylls he is an absolute legend. you no with bear that you will survive. ray mears is good but he would rather camp inh the back garden so he doesnt have to walk more than afew feet at a time. bear grylls will take you to the very edge and get you bak safely.

    bear is the man 100%


  38. and the other thing is bear shows you how to survive extreme condition with minimum eguipment where as ray who shows you mainly how to camp in the local forerst.

    i personally dont want to camp in my local forest id rather know how to get out of an unknown wildernees if the worst evert happened


  39. i dnt see how you can knock bear grylls ray mears might show you how to live of the land (with all the equipment needed) but bear grylls shows you how to survive in a situation were you have the BEAR (get it) minimum equipment he puts himself in dangerous situation to show you how to get out of them. and do you have any proof to say tht bear grylls has been staying in hotels the only way you would know is by being there i think there both good if i got lost in the wilderness and needed help i would have to choose bear grylls all day long his been in the situation before and knows wat it takes to get out alive


  40. Just been having an office discussion about who is bestest and for my money it’s Ray hands down. I remember watching him when I was younger and it got me looking in the loft for my Adventure Kit at the time. Bear or should I say Edward, is more your action type hero in the mould of Bruce Willis whereas Ray is more Bruce Forsyth.
    I enjoy watching both though.
    Now where’s my flint?


  41. Well guys, I’ve spent the last 30+ years in Africa and most of it in the bush, I have watched Bear parachute out of a plane over the Kenyan bush and “land in a crocodile infested river”, do you know how many rivers there are in the bush… not many to land in one when jumping out of a plane takes serious BAD PLANNING, unless your just trying to make it look spectacular. Then he hides in a cave up the side of a hill, and ties a penkinfe to a stick to ward off Lion’s !!! Wow, has he ever hunted a Lion ??? firstly lion’s don’t usually eat people, they usually run away, I was a professional hunter for twelve years, and I’ve slept on the floor in lion country, and never been harassed by them. Then I saw him drink the liquids from Elephant dung to “survive”, well I laughed, in 32 years I have never heard of that!!!, because, if the elephant has passed dung it’s usually recently drank water…. so you can back track where it drank, usually from a dry river bed where it’s dug down to water, and drink filtered water, so why drink bacteria ???

    Sorry guys but ask yourself one question, “When the British Army ask for survival or tracking advice do they approach Bear or Ray”???? you work out the answer it’s very simple… incase your too dumb and actually believe in Bear Grylls it’s Ray Mears they ask.


  42. Sorry if nobody’s mentioned this so far yet, but in terms of who’d be handier in a tight situation, I don’t think you should right off Ray so quickly. Didn’t any of you see him enter a Mongolian wrestling competition many years back? He won the bout, but was very modest in his victory, adding that his black belt in Judo had undoubtedly given him the advantage.

    Personally, I think it’s as much about the difference in production styles of the respective TV progs as it is about the difference in attributes of the two men.


  43. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Ray. The man’s a legend, and an inspiration to us all. Plus, isn’t the first rule of survival; ‘to stay calm’? Not really Gryll’s approach.


  44. id go for bear even though he had a fake show he was with the sas and you have to know how to survive if you want to be a sas soldier and besides the things he eat is real i dont see mears eat such things


  45. I can’t believe that people still think that Bear Grylls(a man who admittedly said that he was a fake) still has all these idiots cheering him on sayin they would rather be stuck with him in a “survival situation” well then i say ya i would too, I’d love to be spending two weeks in a nice hotel with a blazing fire and nice hot cup of coco, i think id be surviving pretty well too! This show should be on comedy central not the discovery channel!


  46. i would go with bear. i think he is the better sourviour and you will get a better expirince with him.
    mear is just like holidays or a forest child camp


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