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Ducklings At Home


As I mentioned earlier one of our ducks was back and nesting in our garden. They hatched over the weekend (18 in total) and have been entertaining the neighbours since!

Following these cute little birds around is much more fun than work and it’s a shame they have to leave, but hopefully they’ll be back next year!

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  1. They are so lovely and at one point they were running around me while I was taking pictures. I couldn’t resist stroking one and it really was as soft and cute as it looks! 🙂


  2. Have to put a note in my diary to check back next year to see if the duck (and ducklings) return…


    Great pics, my daughter will love them, she seems to love ducks at the moment (and does a great “quack”)


  3. Our neighbour’s daughter kept coming over to have a look at the chicks when they were still in the nest and in fact lots of my neighbours of all ages did too!

    I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t return next year as it’s such a treat to look after them!


  4. Hi John, Looking at these ducklings and the mother duck reminded me again about the article you wrote about your mom (to which I have uploaded a comment and to which you have just responded – thanks for that!), as well as my own dear mom, who I might lose in a few months or weeks. The duck pictures are supposed to give one a warm feeling, but they made me sad and teary-eyed, because I know I might lose my mom (the mother duck :)) soon. Please forgive my “whining” – the wound in my heart is still fresh from yesterday’s dialog with my mom’s doctor letting us (her sons) know that she has a terminal case. I am so glad I found your website. We may be very different on the outside (you are a tall, white European, while I’m a short, brown Asian living on the opposite side of the globe), but inside I can say we share exactly the same feelings about our respective moms. My very best wishes to you and your brother.


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