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Coffee, Apple And Subliminal Messages


Now that I’m predominantly working from home I am unrestricted in the amount of good coffee I can drink and the amount of singing I can do while listening to some of my favourite music. (In an office full of people it’s not really a good idea to burst into song unless you’re starring in a musical or can actually sing – I qualify in neither of those categories).

For the coffee I use my wonderful Gaggia Classic machine using freshly ground coffee from my local coffee shop (it’s one of those places that I love going to as the beautiful aroma of dozens of types of coffee fills the air when you walk in). And for the music I use my recently-bought iPod Touch (which is still a great piece of kit) wired up to play through my stereo.

Anyway, I just went downstairs to make myself a latte with some Hawaiian Kona as I’ve done many times before. The fun thing about making a latte is that you can create a pretty pattern like this one, although I don’t bother because every time I’ve tried I’ve completely failed. Until today where I managed to somehow create this:

Coffee and Apple combine

If I’m not mistaken I’d say that’s a pretty good representation of the Apple logo… I’m beginning to think I like my iPod and Macbook just a little bit too much and worry that their iPhone ads on TV are starting to get to me… 😉

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  1. Picture this… I’m sitting in a car park for an hour while my 5yr old daughter is having tennis lessons nearby. (they don’t like the parents watching as it distracts them) I’m bored, so I pull the iPhone out of my pocket, put on some music and start reading my favourite RSS feeds. A call comes in, fading the music down automaticaly. A quick chat with a mate about The Editors gig we are going to tomorrow night, end the call, the music fades up and I can continue learning the lyrics to a few more tracks so that I can sing along tomorrow safe in the knowledge that a few thousand other people are singing along as badly as me.
    Only on an iPhone with this much ease and pleasure.
    Get out there and buy one…
    (not an Apple employee)


  2. I must admit I thought it looked like a heart rather than the Apple – there’s no bite taken out of it. And I fail to see how you can write high-quality code if you’re off your nut on caffeine like some hyperactive todler and listening to music on headphones. Haven’t you read Peopleware?!


  3. A heart?! That’s what my good lady thought. Maybe you see what you want to see…

    And come on John, without caffeine I’d never get out of bed! 😉


  4. Have you put movies on your iPod Touch yet? It’s brilliant when you’re commuting. Oh, hang on, …


  5. I haven’t actually, I’ve only just discovered BBC Radio 5 podcasts! I do commute to Leeds at least once a week though so I’m sure I can make the most of the awesome power of my iTouch! 🙂


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