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As Fast As My Imagination Isn’t Fast Enough Damnit!


Picture this scene. My good lady is looking on the Dell website speccing out a new laptop. She’s not the most technically savvy person on the planet so isn’t exactly sure of what options she should and shouldn’t choose.

Like most non-technical people she gets bored of reading technical talk within about 30 seconds. So after a couple of minutes she says the following in a monotone, bored voice, almost sighing as she did: “Dual processor processes power as fast as your imagination… Do I want that?”.

Some marketing BS courtesy of Dell

A slogan like that is supposed to be said in a triumphant, confident way, and definitely in bold like Buzz Lightyear saying: “To Infinity And Beyond!”. I’m sure the copywriter who wrote the line about dual processors imagined people reading it and saying “Wow! I want one of them!”. But of course the reality is that most people won’t understand what a dual processor does and if it being “as fast as your imagination” actually matters on not.

A techie like me just ignores it as meaningless marketing spiel (I don’t know which part of their statement to correct first) but I’m sure many people like my good lady just get confused and turned off to technology even more. So much for being consumer focused.

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  1. You guys have too much money! haha how many lap tops have you got in your house!

    I am clueless when it comes to anything technical like updating computers and laptops, even when someone trys to explain it I still don’t fully understand! It really is like speaking another language!


  2. Well this other laptop is for a present – so it’s not an expensive one. And John, come on, you know how expensive those Macs are! 😉


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