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How Do You Get A Swan Out Of Your Garden?


That’s not a question I ever thought I’d find myself asking but from just after I got out of bed this morning I’ve been wondering exactly that. It seems that a not-quite-fully-matured swan has decided to call my front lawn its home for the time being and has been splitting its time between cleaning itself, sleeping and flapping it’s impressively large wings at my good lady when she came back from the shops!

I was planning on cleaning and vaccing my car today but I’m not entirely sure our new visitor would be happy about that:

Our swan blocking my way to the car

Since I don’t get very close to swans all that much I forget just how big the things are – that neck’s about as thick as my arm! According to our neighbours it’s been there since at least 8am this morning so I’m expecting it to wander off and get some food / drink at some point (according to the advice I’ve read you shouldn’t feed swans on land as it encourages them to seek out food from people which brings them into contact with dogs and other tricky situations). Still, it doesn’t seem too bothered about me and was happy to demonstrate swan yoga to me with my camera pointing:

Swan yoga

I’m not sure what it is about my garden but it really does seem to attract all sorts of interesting animals such as the ducklings we had last year and long may it continue. But I don’t fancy having to battle my way past an angry swan every time I want to go out to the garage or head off to work!

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  1. Well tempting though that was, I thought it was best to steer clear of confrontation – did I say how big swans are up close?!

    Fortunately the swan finally decided it had had enough and waddled off down the street scaring kids off as it went!


  2. You’re so lucky to have wildlife like that! Apparently my pool in my apartment here had annual duck visitors, but no more.


  3. I know Anne, I can’t believe my luck with the number of interesting visitors I get! Although curiously I haven’t seen a single cat in my neighbourhood for a couple of years…

    And maybe the ducks use your pool when you’re not looking! 😉


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