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Something You Should Know About My Black Leather Gentleman’s Gloves


One of the things I like to do every Winter is dig out my beloved black leather gentleman’s gloves (as I like to call them). Whenever I picture a pair of the aforementioned gloves I always see some hitman in a movie wearing them while carefully screwing a silencer onto a pistol before pointing it at some poor unfortunate good guy and squeezing the trigger (unless it’s a Steven Seagal film in which case he’ll jump in just in the nick of time).

As a non-hitman who spends his days writing software instead of cleaning his gun, I thought I’d show in pictorial fashion what I love about them and why you might want to get yourself a pair:

Why I Love My Black Leather Gentleman’s Gloves

So you see – they’re not intimidating or evil at all. They’re just a nice, warm pair of gloves that you can use to get change out of your pocket without ever having to remove them. Practical as well as fashionable! 🙂

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Creator of John's Background Switcher. Scotsman, footballer, photographer, dog owner, risk taker, heart breaker, nice guy. Some of those are lies.

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  1. Have you been on the sherry, John? 😉 I should talk though, as I have a pair of black leather gloves and I have those pistol thoughts too! And is it me, or do your black gloves look green in three of those pictures…?


  2. I too love my old pair of mens black leather gloves for their comfy fit and for keeping my hands warm on those cold winter days and nights. But you know, I never thought about just how useful they’d be for taking over the world, cutting a lemon or shutting up the wife. However, one of those things does sound like a rather impossible task…and it “ain’t” the taking over the world one or the cutting a lemon one. Just kidding dear.


  3. John i love your gloves, where did you get them? and do you still wear them?


    • I got them from a random shop in Skipton, Yorkshire. You can find them in most shops that sell suits for, shall we say, the more mature person! So normally I wouldn’t go in, but for leather gloves I made an exception.


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