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Something You Should Know About My Black Leather Gentleman’s Gloves


One of the things I like to do every Winter is dig out my beloved black leather gentleman’s gloves (as I like to call them). Whenever I picture a pair of the aforementioned gloves I always see some hitman in a movie wearing them while carefully screwing a silencer onto a pistol before pointing it at some poor unfortunate good guy and squeezing the trigger (unless it’s a Steven Seagal film in which case he’ll jump in just in the nick of time).

As a non-hitman who spends his days writing software instead of cleaning his gun, I thought I’d show in pictorial fashion what I love about them and why you might want to get yourself a pair:

Why I Love My Black Leather Gentleman’s Gloves

So you see – they’re not intimidating or evil at all. They’re just a nice, warm pair of gloves that you can use to get change out of your pocket without ever having to remove them. Practical as well as fashionable! 🙂

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  1. Have you been on the sherry, John? 😉 I should talk though, as I have a pair of black leather gloves and I have those pistol thoughts too! And is it me, or do your black gloves look green in three of those pictures…?


  2. I too love my old pair of mens black leather gloves for their comfy fit and for keeping my hands warm on those cold winter days and nights. But you know, I never thought about just how useful they’d be for taking over the world, cutting a lemon or shutting up the wife. However, one of those things does sound like a rather impossible task…and it “ain’t” the taking over the world one or the cutting a lemon one. Just kidding dear.


    • I got them from a random shop in Skipton, Yorkshire. You can find them in most shops that sell suits for, shall we say, the more mature person! So normally I wouldn’t go in, but for leather gloves I made an exception.


  3. Great post, made me laugh! Me and my brother earned ourselves the nickname “the Mitchell brothers” by our mates owing to our predisposition for wearing black leather gloves! They’re certainly doesn’t feel much “gentlemanly” about them, although the gangster image is in thought alone – they certainly wouldn’t give me enough courage to attempt shutting the wife up like that (nice thought though)!
    I know this is an old post, but the question is: 13 years later do you still have your gentlemanly hitman gloves?!


      • I’m glad to hear it; you can be an honorary Mitchell Brother! There’s no going back from leather I’m afraid (despite my wife’s dismay since she turned vegan!)
        I noticed in another post that you are/were a Porsche driver (again a man after my own heart!) You still driving the Cayman?
        Out of interest what happened to the first gloves?


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