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Thank You Sparkie


My dad has had a cat named Sparkie for the last five years, since just after my mother died. Sparkie’s been his constant companion and given him purpose, routine and been someone to talk to who never talks back (only meowing back which is much nicer) for all that time.

We’ve had a few cats over the years but Sparkie was originally brought up on a farm before my dad got him from the cat protection league so was a bit of a wildie, fighting off the local cats, bringing in mice from time to time and jumping up on every surface in the house. Whereas my dad’s getting on a bit Sparkie’s always been full of youthful exuberance in the way that only a young cat is, which I’m sure has been good for my dad. I took the following picture of him a couple of weeks ago when I was home and he was just his usual lovely, entertaining self and being very friendly:

My Dad’s cat Sparkie

Unfortunately a few days ago little Sparkie died. Cut down in the prime of his life at the age of around 8 it all happened very quickly in the end. It’s such a shame as he was a wonderful cat with a fantastic personality and he did my dad no end of good – I don’t know how my dad would have coped over that last few years without him. But the real shame is that I could never thank him for being there for my dad when he needed him because he was a cat and wouldn’t have understood the positive impact he had – he was just being himself. So thank you Sparkie, you will be sorely missed.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that Sparkie has died, it’s heartbreaking losing a pet especially a dog or cat. I aren’t a massive cat lover probably because I’m allergic, but I have always had a weakness for black cats and when you posted the photo of him on flickr the other week he just looked so adorable, I wanted to pick him up and cuddle him. I’m really sorry your dad has lost him it’s an awful thing to go through and very upsetting. :o(


  2. You may not have been able to thank Sparkie in so many words but I’m sure he appreciated and responded to the love and affection lavished upon him and he had a happy life with your Dad. Take heart from that, John.


  3. The same thing happened to my neighbour after his wife died, except that he got a black labrador.
    One of the (many) advantages over getting a cat is that he has to take it for walks and so it keeps him fit as well. Maybe you should get a dog from a rescue centre?


  4. John, I’m so sorry for Sparky’s passing. I’m sorry for your dad, too to lose his beloved friend. Cats are so intuitive, too, I’m sure he was there for your dad when he needed it most. And yes, I agree with John T., that he knew he was loved. What happened to him? Was it illness?


  5. He definitely was there when he was needed. It’s strange, he was fine one day then really ill the next – the vet reckons he had some tumours and one of them must have burst as he had pretty bad internal bleeding. Such a shame as he was so young and up until that point healthy. 🙁


  6. That is the suckeroo. My boyfriend and I have lost 4 cats in 5 years to cancer — all the cats we had when we first got together have died or been put to sleep (last one to liver cancer in August). All of our current cats are ones we have gotten as a couple. Crazy, huh? It never gets easier because they are all unique and loved. My thoughts are with your dad — he must be very sad to have lost this friend that has helped him through so much. But, at least that beautiful little guy was loved up until his premature end. A good life and a loving home for as long as it was — that’s what counts. ;-D (((hug))) your dad for us!


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