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Commercial Breakdown – The Sony Bravia Ads


Since I got Sky+ I very rarely see adverts on TV (it records the entire series of any programs I actually watch and I skip all the breaks) but when I sit down to watch something live, like the rugby world cup match last night, I have to sit through the things. Like most people I tune them out and treat them as background noise. It takes something really special to get my attention.

Then my eye was caught by a scene of some buildings in a city and a couple of drops of clay that turned into rabbits and started bouncing around what could easily have been New York (turns out it was). And then some more appeared. And more and more, all to the sound of the Rolling Stones and all in a busy city full of people. It was incredible, and the more the advert went on the more incredible it became. Here, see for yourself:

While I have no intention of buying a Sony Bravia TV (I’ve happily got a Toshiba LCD TV thanks), I have to say that their three adverts are a cut above pretty much any other ads I can think of. The first was of quarter of a million rubber bouncy balls bouncing down a street in San Francisco and the second was of a fireworks display set on a council estate in Glasgow – except instead of fireworks it used exploding paint! Have a look at their website where you can see how they made these ads, as well as the ads themselves in full.

While the point of advertising is ultimately about making money, it’s really nice to see ads like these that show the creative talent of people out there (and particularly heartening to hear the high number of British accents on the ‘making of’ video). And to see an advert that actually brings a smile to my face and makes me gaze in wonder is a rare thing indeed. I’ll be interested to see how they manage to top this one!

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  1. Like you I also skip adverts and have been known to actually go find a song on the music channel for about 3 mins to cover an advert break. I have seen the other 2 adverts you mentioned but its the first time I’ve seen this new one and it’s great not only do they use cute little bunnies (I’m sold) but they feature my favourite City New York :o) I think it will be very hard to top that advert when it comes to making the new one but I look forward to seeing what they have planned :o) If there were more adverts like that one people might actually start watching them!


  2. I used to do the music sweep like that but I can never find anything worth listening to on it any more! I guess I must be getting old…

    And that’s the thing with genuinely creative people, they can keep coming up with amazing ideas that blow you away every time!


  3. Also saw the ad for the first time during the rugby (lets not talk about the result)… genius ad, and I’d love to have a Sony screen, just hoping my daughter will break the current CRT!


  4. Yeah, I thought I’d skim over the result for obvious reasons… Unfortunately those Bravia’s aren’t the cheapest TVs on earth – although very slick! Maybe you could set up some kind of ‘accident’ where the TV ends up falling out the window with no chance of repair…


  5. (I’ve happily got a Toshiba LCD TV thanks),

    Is it true that all LCD TV’s are made by LG and Toshiba, Sony etc simply put them in a stylish box or whatever??


  6. Hi Pete!

    I believe that there are only a handful of plants in the far east that actually manufacture LCD TVs meaning that all the major brands TVs are built under the same roof. As for whether they’re made by the exact same people with the same components I couldn’t say but the technology is the same for all LCD TVs so I don’t imagine a Sony is really much different to a Toshiba underneath it all!


  7. LCD screens are made by a handful of manufacturers…

    the important issue to note is that the processor changes EVERYTHING.

    Screens get labeled by quality… for example.. the A group would end up going to sony, samsung, LG..etc…

    the B line would go to sharp, panasonic etc..
    and the remaining would go to vizio and lesser brands.


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