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Selling Stuff The John Conners Way


If – like me – you’ve just redecorated a room in your house (in my case my office / second TV room) then you’ve probably got some excess furniture. Particularly if you went to IKEA for shelves and came back with stupidly expensive floor-to-ceiling book cases (which, to be fair, are both solid and very cool). Normally I’d just break them up and throw them down the local tip but these are different days. Now I have a Mac that just begs me to do creative things with it. When combined with the fact that everyone who knows me probably thinks I have a massive ego – I don’t really but nobody believes me – I thought I may as well give them what they want. So I came up with the following picture and emailed it round work to see if there were any takers:

And incredibly I got rid of the lot within about 20 minutes! Excellent! Now, when it comes time to sell my car, I wonder what I’ll be able to come up with… You see, this is one of the many reasons that my brother works in marketing and I don’t – I think he got the marketing gene and I got something else – not sure what!

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  1. Reading Discworld novels in a day?
    Making creative pictures to advertise the sale of your surplus furniture? And then blogging about it?

    Waaaayy too much time on your hands!
    (I’m just jealous, obviously… :-))


  2. Hi darling,

    I noticed a spelling mistake, “my office” should that not be “our office”??? Don’t forget to mention I also put together part of the new book case 🙂


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