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My Moo Stickers Have Arrived!


Some of my moo cardsThose good people at Moo have come up with another cool way to enjoy your photographs. They started with MiniCards (some of mine are pictured right) which are half-sized business cards that you can decorate with your own pictures (whether they be from Flickr or elsewhere). You can put what you like on the back of them and they’re the sort of thing you can give out at parties or just randomly show off to people. Very nice.

So as soon as I heard they’d come up with moo StickerBooks I went straight to the site and ordered myself some. I had no idea what I’d do with them but the good thing about stickers is that you can stick them to virtually anything! Here’s what they look like:

My moo StickerBook

They come on little tear-out pages with 6 to a page and the book contains 90 stickers in total. You can choose as few or as many different photos as you like. For a fiver per book they’re a bargain so I got 2 to get me started! As usual with moo the quality is excellent and I’m looking around the office at the moment for things to stick them to. Expect to see a moo sticker stuck on something near you soon!

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  1. I saw the other day that they’d launched those. Have Moo got an API? If so then you could plug JBS into it. Just a thought…


  2. I’m not sure that they do but that would be interesting… Turn your mosaic background into a real-world sticker album!


  3. You can swap them! On Flickr they are already doing this with moo cards.

    The stickers looks like they are the perfect size to stick in a plain Moleskine.

    You are one of the first I’m going to ask for a sticker swap, when I get mine 🙂


  4. hey preety cool sticker book. this has nothing to do with this sticker book thing. but how old r u


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