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A Bike Ride She’ll Never Forget


My good lady decided to go out for a bike ride along the canal side near our house. It wasn't raining and she fancied some exercise with a bit of fresh air thrown in. A billion Chinese can't be wrong! (I think the saying goes something like that).

So twenty minutes later when I'd just stepped back indoors after servicing my bike (which I'd been meaning to do for ages) she returns out of breath, throws her bike to the ground and demands that I go upstairs, get a warm jumper and a rucksack. I could tell she was in a bit of a state so just went and did as she asked. She then explained – while catching her breath – that she'd found a woman trying to commit suicide by drowning herself in the canal and that she'd left her with another passer-by but needed to get back with some dry clothes. I wasn't expecting that.

I asked if she wanted me to come back with her or call the police but she said no and to leave her to it. Which I dutifully did. Another half an hour later and my good lady returned in a different state than before. You see, when she was rushing back on her bike to the soaking woman she nearly got hit by a car, fell off and slid along the ground, grazing and bruising herself quite badly in the process. But tough little soldier that she is, she carried on, made sure the woman was ok, and then came home. And now it was my turn to look after her.

She had dirt ground in the palms of her hands, he shoulder was red raw, her knee was bruised and grazed and her ankle was lightly sprained. And all this from a relaxing bike ride in the country!

The woman had had a really bad turn of luck (to say the least) and was clearly at the end of her tether. We just hope that she gets the help that she needs and comes through it stronger. And the next time my good lady goes for a bike ride, I'm damn well coming with her!

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  1. wow, quite a bit of excitement there.
    good everything turned out for the (relative) best.


  2. I tell you Murdats, it all happens in these sleepy little Yorkshire villages! You never know what’s just around the corner!


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