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Hair Story – The Next Chapter


I know you’ve all been waiting impatiently for another episode in my hair saga, well here it is! While the My Hair section of my site was the most popular for a time, it’s been overtaken by my Photography Tips and that’s not right. It’s time to redress the balance.

So, to recap. I had a crew cut for several years up until 2005 when I decided to grow it long. Very long. So long that I could tie it up in a pony tail and easily pass as a member of a folk band or a student. After growing tired of it blowing all over the place and wearing a girlie hair band for football I cut it back to the more rock star look you see here:

Rock Star John (without the musical talent)

And for a while that was good. The hair was at a length where it wouldn’t get in my eyes so I could do most sporting activities without it annoying me. When it grew a bit longer before I had it cut I could use the girlie hair band and it wouldn’t look too bad. But I was becoming a slave to the salon and having to work my life around when I was getting my next haircut. I’d have to wash and dry my hair in the morning for it to stay where I wanted it and that took time. If I had a workout in the evening and a shower afterwards I’d have the tricky choice of:

  • Wash the hair and go to bed with wet hair
  • Wash and dry the hair (which takes time) only to do it again in the morning
  • Don’t wash the hair and just ignore the fact that it was all sweat-covered and greasy
  • Wish I had shorter hair and didn’t have to think about it

And naturally I took the last option most of the time.

Of course, the well documented fact that I’m slowly getting more and more grey hairs didn’t help either. I’d get my hair looking good and then some damned grey hairs – all straggly and horrible looking – would pop up and annoy me. This vanity and fussing all had to end. And now it has.

I’d finally had enough and decided it all had to go. I was going to return to my roots (pun intended) and revert to my crew cut. And here it is:

The New Crew Cut

(You wouldn’t believe how long it took to reproduce the expression and angle from the rock star shot above). It’s no mess, no fuss. In the morning I have a shower, towel dry my hair and I’m done in seconds. If I’ve had a workout it’s a no brainer, I can wash my hair in the shower – it’ll be dry in no time. I can throw away the girlie hair bands and the lads I play football with can stop taking the piss (they can now just stick to jokes about my footballing skills or poor finishing). I don’t have to pay top dollar to a hair dresser, I can get my good lady to do it for free. And if it’s windy or rainy I won’t care at all about my hair going frizzy or getting messed up.

I feel like a man again! Now, if I could just do something about those pesky grey hairs… 😉

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  1. But I was becoming a slave to the salon…

    LMAO! I’m sorry but the lighting in those photos isn’t quite the same. The T-shirt and shadow are darker in the bottom photo. I know that as a photographic perfectionist you’ll take the shot again, or at least tweak something in Photoshop. Come on John, make an effort! 😉


  2. Ha ha! Come on John, it was hard enough trying to capture the same daft expression never mind also getting the lighting conditions perfect!


  3. I like both looks, but the one on top kinda makes you look like the lead singer of Snow Patrol. 😉 I always love to be able to comb my fingers through a man’s hair, even if its a bit messy with a few stray greys. All the better for that rock star look.

    But, as I said, you look nice both ways. 🙂


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