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Google Toolbar Reckons I Need English Lessons


After re-factoring the templates that generate this site I was randomly flicking through some pages just to make sure everything was working as intended. (I’m glad to say it is – in that nothing looks different). While on this page I accidentally clicked the spellcheck button that’s part of Google Toolbar and was presented with the following message:

So now I can't even do English proper!

It reads: “The default language you have selected for spellchecking is English, but your text looks like it might be Portuguese. Would you like to change the language to Portuguese?”. The nerve!

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  1. thats some crazy dialect of portuguese.

    I just had a look at that page aswell, I remember reading that quite a while back, its funny to see you refer to your now wife as your girlfriend 🙂


  2. John: I suppose in a company the size of Google you can’t have all geniuses working there!

    Murdats: I know, I still prefer calling her my ‘good lady’ though. Covers all bases if we split up in the future and saves me doing a search-and-replace through old posts. Don’t tell her I said that! 😉


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