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A Guinea Pig Tug-O-War


Since moving to a Mac I copied all my old documents, photos and videos across to their new home. This gave me a chance to have a good trawl through the last few years of my life which has been quite interesting. One video clip that made me laugh was the following one of my guinea pigs fighting over a stick of celery a few years back:

Whitie (in the video) lasted a good 8 years and sometimes when I rustle a bag of salad I can still hear her squeaking (if you tune out my inane cackling you can hear her in the video). So many happy memories!

You know, I’m sure I don’t sound that Scottish now. I think my accent may have softened after years of living in Yorkshire…

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  1. I love Guinea Pigs and that clip is extremely funny and very very cute. I never get tired of watching it. :o) And you’re accent has definitely softened from when that was made.


  2. Yeah, they are amazingly cute and I do miss them. The used to chase each other around the house and for fun I’d let one out on one side and one on the other – they’d squeak really loudly until they found each other and then the chasing would begin!


  3. You have to have 2 though don’t you? Because they get lonely, when we had Robin we got a rabbit as well so he had a friend haha.


  4. Yeah, a couple of females is the best option as they’re social animals. Two males and they’ll constantly fight, a male and a female and they’ll constantly breed so two females is the winning formula!


  5. That video is hilarious! Did you really used to look and sound like that? Oh yeah, the guinea pigs are pretty funny too… 😉

    Why did you decide to go with Google Video instead of YouTube?


  6. Ha ha, yes I did! Bizarre isn’t it? And the guineas are great!

    Ach, everybody uses YouTube. I like the fact that since I have a Google account already I can post videos under that rather than creating another account with a user name and password I’ll forget. Plus the fact that someone else already took ‘johnconners’ on YouTube!


  7. Hmmm, if only someone would come up with a way that you could log in to all these different services without having to create accounts with them all…


  8. Hmmm, that’s a great idea. Some sort of ID you can carry around with you, but it would have to be Open so sites could link into it. You could call it something like TheOneIDToRuleThemAll, or just OpenID!

    No wait, someone already thought of it! 😉


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