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A Comedy Caption Competition


My friend Ade was on assignment taking photos of black and white cows (strange but true) and since I was there and we found a field full of the beasts I rattled off a few shots. My favourite of the lot has to be this one:

Cows are people too!

Since I’m much better at taking photos than coming up with witty taglines, does anyone out there have a suggestion for a caption?

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  1. you could always submit it to 4chan, no doubt you would get hundreds of captions and photoshops of it 🙂

    who knows, you could even start the next big meme (for the week)


  2. Aargh, I can’t get onto 4chan at work – it seems to be blocked with the category ‘Adult / Sexually Explicit’ for some reason!

    And a meme? That’d be a first for me!


  3. you dont know about 4chan?
    wiki it, there is a VERY good reason it is blocked.

    it is a culture onto itself, of particular interest is the /b channel (random)
    people who often visit /b are refered to as btards as the level of intellect displayed by most people there is incredibly low.

    be warned, if you visit /b on any image board (usually the most popular channel) you risk severe harm to your eyes and sanity.

    and yeah, dont try and access it from work


  4. The word “Dumstruck” came to mind.

    Good Blog, I read it regularly.


  5. “Bloody Paps, always hanging around waiting for me to open my big mouth.”

    “I hope my dentist doesn’t see this pic, she’ll know I’m not brushing my teeth properly.”

    “Does this expression make my ears look big?”

    “I used to have one of those fancy digital cameras, but I sold it – no opposable thumbs y’see?”


  6. Cow picture caption:

    “Please don’t take my picture, my hair’s a MESS!!”

    Thought you might like that one.



  7. iam going to win next miss cow of world competition..sponsers are welcome……i want a nice female cow as p.a even………..ambhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(sound thAT IT MAKES)


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