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The Lost Art Of The Hand-Written Word


My handwriting

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  1. Did you find it an effort to hand write that? Because I do it so infrequently now I always find it quite strenuous whenever I have to hand write anything of some length.


  2. Actually yes! Years ago it would have just flowed but it seemed like much more of a strain. I’m out of practise for sure.


  3. hehe I know the feeling.
    going back to uni inbetween semesters, it is just so difficult to write. my hand just doesnt want to make the correct motions.

    (also just noticed, whats with the captcha?)


  4. Ouch!

    I noticed that if I left comments open for articles over 3 months old they’d get hammered with comment spam. So I’ve added CAPTCHA (which will cut out the spam bots) and opened up all comments right back to 2002!


  5. John,

    How odd that you post that at this time. I was thinking of that with writing my fiction, that I do it all by computer now and it’s easy to disconnect from it. Just today I’ve been considering doing it long hand. I feel it’s more a direct conduit from the brain, and your hand is an instrument directed by it. So, your thought powers your hand and like you said is more connected to the soul. I’ve also considered giving up blogging and going back to journals, but I’m not sure. I don’t think I could give up my blog family. I wouldn’t have met so many great people without it, you included!


  6. I think you’re absolutely right Anne, writing via a computer does feel more detached than by hand.

    And don’t you be giving up blogging, you were there when I started out and it wouldn’t be right if you stopped – I’d feel like an orphan! 🙂


  7. I’ve been thinking this for years. In fact I mentioned it the other day on El Bloggo.

    It only hit home properly when my grandmother pointed out that my hand-writing had deteriorated.

    On the upside, we can all type at the speed of light now.


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